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Technique Critique: Tell me what you think.

After my last powerlifting meet I took a month off and when I got back to the gym I scaled everything back and started to refine a few things. I’m now doing 5/3/1 and I’m going to start posting my final lifts for each cycle. I figure, that’s where my technique issues will shine. So, please give me any feedback you can.

This is my first round of 5/3/1 and started my 1RM light.

Here is my final set of squats before deload week:

Here’s my final Bench Press set before deload week:

Your squat doesn’t look to bad but your decent is so fast your being pulled onto your toes and its forcing you out of alignment and with a true max your probably gonna start rounding over at the hips because of it. Also just preference for me but pull your elbows down atleast just a little.

Reed, thanks for the imput. With the elbows, my coach always says to put them as far back as possible. Personally I find that this creates a good shelf for the BB to sit on and less stress on the wrist. Here is a max squat from November to compare, not the best angle though:

I’m not saying your coach is wrong but I have a fast descent like you and until I really learned to pull my elbows down I never could fully lock my back in place tight enough to handle the reverse out ofcthe whole without the some kind of little bend some where. Usually at the hips like what your doing. I know of doesn’t make the best since but of helped me.

Can you explain what you mean by ‘bend at the hips?’

If you ll notice in a few of your reps I think the third one you fall pretty quick and the it almost looks like a domino effect. You fall quick and as you reverse your upper back gives just slightly forcing you into a position where the bar is just out in front of your groove. To compensate it pushed you out on your toes and you do a really subtle good morning to correct it. With this weight it was fixable with a honest everything you have squat it may not be.

I had this problem and bringing my elbows down and hands in while still getting essentially a mid way position between high an
d low bar and some core and glute focus I was able to completely stop it and I increased from a 360 to 425 squat in about a 2 months because I was actually over loading my legs and not my lower back.

Huh, I’ll have to play around a bit then. Thanks!