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Technique: Clean vs. Deadlift Question

I have some experience in Olympic lifting. And in training I have done clean and snatch deadlifts. That is using a reasonably heavy weight moved through the Olympic lifts relatively slowly.
I am going to be lifting at a gym without a platform and want to do some deadlifts.
Should I continue to use the clean technique, but slowly? Or is there an advantage to learning the proper deadlift technique? If there is an advantage, what should I be doing different?



Deadlift technique is a highly individual thing, one that requires a lot of experimentation.

Here is what I tell most people to do. Search for ‘deadlift’ here at T-Mag, then read each individual author’s description of the technique.

Then try them and see what works for you!

this is from dave tates article on deadlifting.
You’ve already read this a few times in this article and it’s perhaps the most important thing next to hip position in the execution of the deadlift. Your shoulders must start and stay behind the barbell when you pull deadlifts! This will keep the barbell traveling in the right direction and keep your weight going backward. The deadlift isn’t an Olympic lift and shouldn’t be started like one.

I did a seminar with Dr. Mel Siff at one of his Supertraining camps (one of the best investments you can ever make!) and we showed the difference between the two positions. For the Olympic lifts you want the shoulders in front of the bar; for the deadlift you want them behind the bar. Period. The amount of misinformation out there about this is incredible.

Wow Goldberg, this is a revalation to me.

are you being a smartass?

thank you. i had never heard that. my O-lifting technique is/was pretty good, though not as heavy as i’d like. i’ve never deadlifted, and never knew that about keeping the shoulders back.
i’ll do some reading and experimenting on my own too.
thanks again.
any more advice anyone?