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Technique Check?


I am an RKC kettlebel instructor but somewhat new to the world of deadlifting. I wanted to see what my heavy swings had done for DL strength. Overall I was fairly impressed. Sumo style seems to feel better for me at this time. Here is my latest pull at 345 pounds. This is just over 2x BW (164 pounds). I feel like my shoulders may have been a bit in front of the bar but was hoping for some more feedback.


I don't know if it's just me, but the video isn't working.


Ok. Sorry about that. Should have a good link on it now.


Push your knees out harder. At no point should the bar mov forward. You did it just a little bit to clear your knees. Also, you have your weight a little too far forward on your foot. Sit back more on your heels.

Probably most importantly, don't stay down there messing around with the bar too long. You are wasting time and valuable elstic energy. Even though its only a little bit that gets stored from yout decsent to the bar, it's better than nothing.

Other than that it looks solid. No glaring muscualr weaknesses. What is your max?


Thanks for the feedback . At this time 345 is the heaviest I have pulled. I haven't added much DL into my training other than for skills work. So far I can only credit the weight to the kettlebell training. The principles of the RKC and PL are very similar. With some dedication and improved skill I know I can pull more.


You can pull more. Right now. Bar speed didn't look anything like a 1RM.


This is exactly why I asked.


Just echoing you, I'll leave the advice to you, your display pic shows you know more than me!