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Technical Jstor Issue


I'm having a hard time getting pdf files of articles to open on JStor. I'm logged in through my university, so it's not a matter of access. Here's what happens in detail:

  1. Search for an article and open it.
  2. Try to open PDF by clicking the link.
  3. A box comes up that explains JStor's terms and conditions. I click "okay."
  4. A window opens that I assume is supposed to contain the PDF, but nothing ever loads. It says "done" when it's still blank.

Does anyone know what's going on here? Thanks.


Are you accessing off site on a home computer? or are you actually at your university library?


I had that problem with another laptop, and it pissed me off but I never ended up fixing it. Just used another laptop. It is my belief that the problem was with Adobe. If it's really important I might try reinstalling Adobe.


Thanks for the help guys. I was at my library at school. I did an online chat with another librarian and she didn't have any trouble, so it must have been the computer.