Tech Problems, New Post Loading Time

[quote]Professor X wrote:
jo3 wrote:
If you really want your posts to show up, you could always double post. In the past, I’ve noticed that when I double post (usually because I need to edit my initial post but it hasn’t shown up yet), both posts show up immediately. However, it means you’re gonna have to double post, which is pretty inefficient in itself.

It doesn’t always work. Everytime you see a post of mine with nothing written in it, that is what I did…and that rarely works. It is like they have certain threads on a user or time delay so they can edit/monitor posts…but I hope they realize that it does slow down traffic and discussion here.[/quote]

What’s funny is neither of my posts showed up after making my second post.

I have found if it stalls just click out of it on the same tab… go to the bodybuilding forums or wherever you may wish to, your post should show up.

Does for me anyways :slight_smile:

This is too strange now it’s gone through but not showed up LOL.

Don’t post in this thread screws it up even more :stuck_out_tongue: