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Tech Problems, New Post Loading Time


Is anyone else noticing the MASSIVE amount of time it takes for threads to upload new posts?

My brain needs faster stimulation and youtube sucks and people on bb.com are dumber than here.


I use Firefox as my browser.

When I make a post, I open a new tab and continue surfing the site while the post is taking a half-an-hour to post.


Dude, I have six tabs open and have surfed 5 other sites and treated one pt in the time I have waited for a thread to update itself.


Pretty spastic for me, sometimes it's instant, sometimes it takes a few minutes. Could just be a bad day.


x2, except sometimes it's instant and sometimes it can take a half hour+.

There was a thread in Tech Support Pushharder posted about clunky site performance where a few of us chimed in about how terrible this site was compared to others. LowFatMatt basically said they are constantly updating the site and these updates sometimes slow it down quite a bit. (I'm pretty sure that was the gist of his posts)


It's because the moderators of the site are attempting to determine if hidden codes have been encrypted into people's posts such as links to competitors sites and products...


its the turkish hacker causing the problems


What happened to the tech forum anyway?


The choir is listening....


People were posting too many new threads and the team wasn't responding fast enough? I don't know. :wink:

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Notice between 'Acceptable Use Policy' and the 800 number there is a "Technical Support" link.


i love how every other site posts in real time too

then this one can honestly take more than hour.

this site needs a lot of work. i don't know how they can figure out the exact point in time during a day when you should train because your GH levels are produced at a 2x rate because of the allignment with jupiter but they can't get a web forum to run efficiently.

bodybuilding.com has A LOT more traffic than this site, a lot more technical stuff going on too and yet they can still manage to make a board that runs well in terms of efficiency.


Can't say I noticed my posts taking 15minutes to go through...but now that you mention it.


You know I've noticed your posts are among the worst. Theres been so many times when I've read a thread, and replied, and then when I go back to it later, there is a reply by you way above mine that was never there before.


Not really busy at work today, Doc?



Not for another 15min.


happens to me all the time. Also crashes quite a bit when I post. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something!


If you really want your posts to show up, you could always double post. In the past, I've noticed that when I double post (usually because I need to edit my initial post but it hasn't shown up yet), both posts show up immediately. However, it means you're gonna have to double post, which is pretty inefficient in itself.


Like this.


It doesn't always work. Everytime you see a post of mine with nothing written in it, that is what I did...and that rarely works. It is like they have certain threads on a user or time delay so they can edit/monitor posts....but I hope they realize that it does slow down traffic and discussion here.


I've noticed it can be kinda slow too.

Quick, everyone, buy a ton of Biotest stuff so that they'll have the money to revamp the forums! GO GO GO