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Tech Help: TV on Monitor


Hi all-

So long story short I bought a monitor with 3 hook ups HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA. I am trying to find a way to ultimately hook up my cable TV through a coaxial cable to the monitor. I've tried searching for various adapters, but I don't really know what to look for. I have a blue-ray player already hooked up to the monitor, but am unsure if I can go through the DVD player similar to hooking cable up through a vcr back in the day. The DVD player has a HDMI and the composite cable inputs.

I realize this might not even be possible, but if it is and anyone can help that would be awesome. My limited knowledge just isn't getting it done.




You probably need a TV tuner card or USB peripheral. Hauppauge makes them, I've got two dual input PCI cards in my computer, then you just watch TV on your computer. Free DVR too.


Why do you want to hook coax to the monitor? Ask the cable company for a cable box with an HDMI output. Your setup would be:

coax to cable box
HDMI from cable box to monitor

You'll run into an issue if your monitor doesn't have built in speakers. In that case you'll have to use the red/white rca out of your cable box into a device that has speakers. This may be your computer, a stereo or cheap surround sound system.

The TV card thing doesn't work for all cable providers. I have a TV card that worked with cablevision but unfortunately doesn't work with FIOS. A box from FIOS was required.


Thanks Lordcliff,

I probably should have mentioned this, but I don't have the monitor hooked-up to a computer. I am just using it as a stand alone TV since they are cheaper. From what I understand you don't need a TV tuner card if your cable is coming from a box because the box is the tuner??



Yeah I could do that, but I already have a box hooked to my main tv setup up just like you said and a line hooked up to an older TV in another room. I have a coaxial cable that is running of the same box as the 2 other TV's, but the smaller ones will just mirroring each other. I'd get another box (That would easily solve the problem), but I don't want to pay for another one if I don't have to.

Thanks for your input,



Do you have a cable box? You will probably need a digital cable box and this should have HDMI or composite output. Does the monitor only have one HDMI?

What are you doing for sound? If you only have one HDMI input you could get a receiver that has HDMI switching and run your dvd and cable box through it.


The monitor has built in sound. I have a cable box that can run 2 lines, but I can't run an HDMI cord from the box to the monitor I would need at least 25' of HDMI cord to do it, but I alredy have a coaxial cable run from the box to the monitor.

Monitor only has 1 HDMI input, but also have DVI-D and VGA.

Edit: There is also only 1 HDMI output on the box.


25 ft HDMI isn't that expensive $15-$20, but even if you ran that...how would you change channels? Pop back and forth between rooms? I have the same situation as you and I have HDMI and cat 6 run to every room. There's still no way to do it without a cable box.


Yeah that was what I was worried about. I just can't believe there isn't a converter for coaxial cables. Every other cord has some kind of adapter except coaxial at least I couldn't find one anyway.



I think this might work. I'm gonna give it a shot anyway. Better then buying another TV.

Thanks for the help,


Edit: Never mind I don't think this will work.


Yeah, you probably won't get any of the good channels with any standard TV tuner box.