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Tebowing in High School


Kids got suspended for this, but the comments are hilarious, more tolerance from the party of tolerance.


I haz just learned a new word.


Okay...I'll bite.

What do the DEMS have to do with Teens blocking the hallways, and in some cases, disrupting classes?



Suspension is harsh for a little joke in the hallway..


That's an understatement.


Maybe if the follow the example set by Hurd the Bears receiver they would not have been suspended??



My understanding is that it was not the "Tebowing" that got them all in trouble...but the fact that they were blocking the hallway and wouldn't listen to administrators when they were told to move.

(And I'm still trying to understand what the DEMS had to do with this???)

Someone said in a column that if a suspension shows up on their records; they could always apply to the University of Florida.



The pussification of the US continues. When I was in high school, after we sacked the quarterback, we went after his family.


I remember when 8-10 people and me used to do maze with our body in hallways. Those were the days.



Send your kids to public school and expect them to act and be treated like inmates in a state pen.


Few men have spoken finer words. This country is soft.