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Teavana Teas

I just discovered the greatest (and unfortunately, priciest) tea store around. I hear popular in California, a place called Teavana.

I live near one of the stores (Garden State Plaza, NJ) and was in one yesterday. I sampled some of their teas and I swear they are the best I have ever had. Ive allways been more of a Coffee drinker, but after trying these I have a new favorite. They claim their green teas and roobios teas to be the healthiest on the market; or at least the tastiest.

Has anyone heard of this or tried teas from this company?

I dont mean to bump., To specify, The teas I sampled were combination flavors…

I had the Roobios Rum with Mocha Roobios Tea:


and the Dragonwell Green Tea:


I dont think i’ve ever been this excited about something to drink since I turned 21. Anyway, I encourage everyone to at least investigate these teas, they tatse amazing and have all the benefits that tea has to offer - if not more.