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Tearing Your Muscles & Resting for Growth


Would you make more tears in your muscle if you worked the same muscle 2 days in a row?

What if you worked the same muscles 2 days in a row then rested that muscle for 7 days would that give you more gains?


No total damage would be less than if you did more minor damage and worked it more often,


No it would not. I have heard of some obscure training programs doing double sessions where you do a fascia stretching 'pump day' followed by a heavy, sub-6 rep training day.

Judging by the nature of you questions I'm guess your looking for a general answer.


Frequency of working out is frequently debated, but is generally accepted to be between 3-7 days of rest between like-workouts.

Lift heavy, isolate with intensity, eat, rest, and grow crazy huge muscles.


Is there a way to that scientist can see how much muscle tears were done in a work out?

How else can you know the answer unless you can quantify how much muscle was torn?


It depends on the volume of the workout and muscle damage done. BBB (the 6 day version) works a muscle every two days, but it consists of only one exercise taken to failure for multiple sets.

I would never completely destroy a muscle two days in a row though.


For sure dude, at the end of the day though, this ^^ is what it comes down to.


Why make things more complicated?

If you're not making any gains, you're probably missing something pretty basic.


Guy above is right, don't overcomplicate things. Are you relatively new to lifting? (Just a guess, don't get offended if not). Just do the basic stuff that people have been doing with great success for years, rather than trying to find some new magic idea.


And get this idea of tearing you muscles out of your head.


Nope not a new lifter, but I can see why that question would make you think I was. I've always followed the advice of the experts, power lifters, bodybuilders and coaches.

I'm one of those genetic freaks that gets accused of doing steriods and I've never touched the stuff.

Just looking for new things to try. I'm not worried about losing muscles to try something new either.

As far as I know making micro-tears in your muscle fibers is the basics of building muscles. If you don't tear them then your not getting bigger. Sure you might get more water or glycogen to your muscles to make them bigger (or maybe other materials?) but muscles tearing and repair as far as I know is the core of building muscles.


The basics of muscle growth are.

  1. Expanding your curent muscle cells. Hypertrophy.

  2. Greating new muscle fiber. Hyperplasia.

  3. Reducing or preventing catabolic mechanisms.

  4. Promoting anabolic mechanisms.

  5. Stimulating your CNS, which could fall under promoting anabolic mechanisms.

As far as I know everything in weight lifting can fall under those 5 things

I think even nutrition and supplements would be included in those categories too.


The basics of muscle growth are.

  1. Lift.

  2. Eat.

  3. Rest.

  4. Repeat.



For what it's worth, I did notice that my arms grew pretty well training them the day after upper body. In the days where I used to do the whole upper body in one workout, the volume was getting pretty silly, so I moved the arms onto next day and they seemed to grow better despite being fatigued from all the pushing/pulling the day before. I knew it was not just the fact that I trained them "fresh", because I used to do that before (on leg day), and they never grew as much as when I trained them slightly fatigued.

I believe this is what they do when specialising on certain muscle groups (e.g. I bodybuilder); they over-train them (which includes training them when sore).


Who thinks of this shit?!

And what does this sort of thinking have to do with progress?


Have you never heard of over training? If you're sore and workout that sore muscle, it's over training. And if you worked that muscle on the first day (of two) and it's not even a little sore the next day, than that was not a good workout. It'll work if you workout your full body, and don't hit any muscle group more than once to ensure it is not sore for day two (so you can work the same muscle groups again), but this time working them with enough sets to make sure you are really sore the next day.


Just because a muscle is sore doesn't mean it's not recovered. With the BBB program, you hit a muscle once every two days, and it's often still sore when you train it again.


Brick I am seeing a theme in your posts lately of you just being appalled by the levels of stupidity in these forums.


^^ WTF?

I could get you to do body weight jump squats for a constant 5 minutes, and the next day you would barely be able to walk due to the DOMS.. Does that qualify as an "awesome workout?" Fuck no.

Where do kids get this bullshit?

Don't let soreness be your guide, kid.


to me soreness appears just when I change excercise, let's say swifting from close grip bb press to db french press (both overhead than lying on flat bench).
said this, soreness -for me- has very little to do with muscle gains, as I did for past 8 months just close grip bb press, pushing to death (with rest pause plus half reps plus isometrics holds) and I had very little (if any) soreness.
but my triceps went bigger and when I swifted to one arm db press I can use about 10lb more weight.

same for pecs (just benching ,not flies) and back (just one arm db rowing).
just trying to add each w/o more weight on the bar a/o more reps a/o half reps (to beat the log).
so I know that soreness doesn't mean automatically growh, I hit each muscle every 4/6 days and I train to failure (rest pausish...).


On the same lines as muscle soreness, I believe that you need to "push the boundaries" every now and then. Bring yourself out of that "comfort zone".

Just like when you first started lifting, and every muscle killed for week, but you still trained through it. You trained through it because your body was simply adapting and "learning" quicker recovery.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and convince yourself that you always need to rest a muscle 'X' amount of time.

Some can't see the benefit to training some muscle groups more than once a week because when they try it more more frequently, their muscles hurt (as if not recovered) but this goes away within a few weeks of training in this fashion.

If you push the boundaries slightly, you challenge your body to "over-come it".