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Tearing Up Shins Deadlifting


I assume I'm not the only one who deals with this; but every week I re-open cuts on my shins while deadlifting. I wear pants to try to cover the area, but 9 out of 10 times it re-opens anyways (mostly, the pants just keep everyone from freaking out about getting blood on the bar). I was if anyone has figured out a good way to prevent this, or should I just re-evaluate my deadlifting form?


Throw some wrist wraps around the part of the bar that will touch your shins to cover up the knurls.

Get some shin sleeves (the compression kind for shin splints).

Find a bar in your gym that doesn't have as sharp of knurling.

Re-evaluate form just a little.

When I started learning to dead, I used to scrape my shins all the time to where I would wrap a paper towel around the bar over the knurls. As I learned to do it a bit more, I learned to keep the bar just barely off the shins. Still touches about 25% of the time though, but I've got longer shorts/pants now that keep my shins covered up.

<-- Of course, when I started learning to dead, the bar was apparently at about knee level LOL :slightly_smiling:


use soccer socks pulled up and shin pads if needed.
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Tape the bar with red electrical tape where your shins are. And you could always switch to sumo.


Agree with theBird. Soccer shin protectors.