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Tearing a Pec While Benching

ive been hearing alot about bench pressing and pec tearing. Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent tearing a pec while under the bar?

Bringing your grip in a little closer and/or making sure you’re benching with your elbows tucked and not flared way out can help you take some of the stress off the pec muscles.

Tucking the elbows and using a narrower grip are the best steps form wise.

A large part of it is soft tissue quality as well- if the subscapularis (one of the 4 muscles of the rotator cuff) is shut down from trauma than the pec major has to pick up the slack which can lead to strains and tears.

  1. Proper warmup and hydration.
  2. Benching with a very controlled eccentric.
  3. Good bench technique.