tearing a deck of cards

Hey guys. I have been doing alot of specialized grip and forearm training lately and was wondering if anyone had any tips or links on tearing a deck of cards. Any training tips or ways to prepare for such a feat. Thanks

I think maybe you could use the same trick as with tearing a phonebook, where you spread out the pages so you tear only a few at a time. I’m not 100% sure though so go see the Grip Board & see what the guy say. (that’s off grippage.cyberpump.com)

Ive torn many phone books in half but never a deck of cards. Ive never used Draxs technique. The technique i used is to start tearing at the top and pull down. Almost like you are pulling it apart. Its still hard, but doable for anyone with decent hand strength. I dont know about a deck of cards. I would have to bow down to you. that would be very impressive. let us know if you do it.

Tearing a deck of cards is very doable especially with grip-specific training. I think other than the physical training, you can never leave out the mental aspect of it. ( the mind-muscle connection.) Picture yourself actually tearing the deck over& over again. In the end, your deck of cards will be as good as trash!

buy decks and practice with parts or make decks outta oaktag cardboard etc…