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Tear, Sprain, or Subluxation?

I’ve had biceps tendonitis (shoulder, not elbow) for a while now. After using Cissus Rx for a couple of weeks, my shoulder was feeling better.

However, I did pull-ups today, and on the first rep of the second set something in my shoulder went “CRRAK”. Hurt like hell. It actually felt like the bicep tendon jumped out of the groove. So now I can’t move my arm at all without insane shoulder pain. I got an MRI appointment in one week, so that’ll be interesting.

I don’t know if I’ve subluxed the tendon or actually partially torn it. Either way, it sucks! I’d like to hear what you guys think happened though. Especially since my MRI is still 8 days away.

No idea what happened, I doubt anyone will be able to tell you. I’ve had a subluxation in both shoulders and they suck. Remember to TAKE TIME OFF BEFORE YOU REHAB! My first one took a year to get 90%, second one 6 months cause I took enough time out after the injury with the arm in a sling.

I got the results from my MRI+X-ray today.
“Nothing pathological found”.
They didn’t find anything, but it sure feels like my shoulder is messed up.
I really don’t know what kind of treatment to get on my shoulder now. We can’t get ART where I live at the moment. I’ve heard some good things about acupuncture. Has anyone here tried it?

It is good they did not find anything really wrong with you, I wonder what is causing the problem then? Does it hurt all the time or only when exercising? Do you think you have unbalanced shoulder development?

There are a number of good articles on T-Nation to do with shoulder rehab / exercises.



I don’t really recommend accupuncture maybe some kind of massage would be better.

I have had similar problems with the cracking and all that at times, I realise it is possible to sublux it slightly and feel a bit of pain for a few months afterwards, so perhaps you just need to work on rehab and being careful and developing balanced strength.

That would be my guess if the MRI etc… came back normal.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the replys, guys.
I actually do have unbalanced shoulder development. My injured shoulder is noticably less developed compared to the healthy one.
If I did get a false negative result on my MRI, should I just continue doing the rehab and strengthening exercices that I’ve been doing+some soft tissue work?
I’m currently doing a combination of internal/external rotations and push-ups plus for the serratus anterior.

Most of the pain is in my AC joint at the moment. Not in the sub-acromial space, but in the anterior part of the AC-joint. Is this consistent with soft-tissue injuries, or could it be a problem with the joint itself?