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Tear Me Up


19 about 3 years training, 5'10 just under 190 lbs
try to eat 4000-5000 calories a day, 200 grams protein minimum (usually 250+ grams)
day 1 back/chest
day 2 shoulders/arms
day 3 off
day 4 legs/back
day 5 chest/arms
day 6 shoulders/legs
day 7 off

dl 405x1
bench 255x5
squat 300x15
f. squat 285x4
pull ups 75x2

more info just ask












Good V-Taper (upper back), and decent shoulders. Chest is weak, and arms are pretty small. The fact that you're 19 is great, because you're obviously on the right track. In a few years, you'll probably be a tank, 190 lbs at 5'10 and fairly lean is great.



Hey thanks, my back and shoulders have always been strong points since i was young (i had a gymnastics background). and the chest and arms do still need a lot of work, but im hoping i can get a little more growth out of them now that im gaining strength in them now... i was stalled on chest #'s for about 6 months, and im starting to work my arms more

haha and thanks way, working outside will do that for ya


Lats and mid to lower back are great, work on arms and chest. A lot.


75 pull ups is amazing


I think he means 75lbs pull ups for 2?


ya not 75 pullups lol, 75 lbs added


so are you a construction worker or lifeguard?


I read it as 2 sets of 75lbs too haha, I was gonna say that that's gotta be some kind of record lol. Looking great man, keep up the hard work, legs, though entirely too white, are looking pretty big, I can see where your 190lbs comes from lol. You have a good back, surprised your DL is only 405. Fuck it, if I could look like Arnold curling 20's and squating the bar I'd do it lol.

Seriously, pretty impressive. Listen to the rest, work on the chest and arms, but that shit will come. We are still young...


Good overall for a men's health look (that's a compliment). More mass is needed if your not shooting for that sorta look.


Do you have a very small thin mustache? When I look at your photos I feel you do. Now I have to know! Good work though.


Lol! wtf?


Nah i'm workin at a ballpark...and the leg thing, they kinda prefer me to keep my shorts on at work so i think i'm gonna have trouble getting the color back

I'm workin on getting the deadlift up but its the grip giving out before my back or legs

not quite going for the mens health look... but my weights been comin up, a little slower than i'd like though (about 5-6 lbs in the last month and a half)

and uhh the mustache... no


Since when can lifeguards more so construction workers do pullups with 75lbs?


Im pretty sure he was referring to the tanline.