Tear in Tendon

After having some problems with my right knee for a couple of months an NRM scan revealed I have a 9mm (yeah mm) tear in my tendon below the right kneecap, on the outside of the leg.

My doctor wasn’t sure if it was a new injury or an old one. I’m pretty sure it’s at least a couple of months old as I haven’t had any recent trauma to that knee.

Anyway, he suggest no sport activity for the quads, but daily moving about is ok. I’m realy into cycling so with the nice weather and all, that’s really a bitch.

Anyway, is there anything I can do to speed up recovery? To “tickle” the tendon?

I’m taking glucosamine, chondroitine and fish oil.

There really isn’t any magic “pill” that is going to help you out. Keep up your daily activity and everything, but definately follow doctor’s orders. Tendons and ligaments suck in general when it comes to recovery do to their poor vascular supply.

Best help would be to do some walking to keep some blood flow going to the area as long as their isn’t a high amount of swelling, ice it up when their is pain or swelling, and keep your nutrition clean and you’ll be good.

I know there’s no magic pill, that I’ll have to deal with it for several months. Just looking to stimulate recovery.

The doctor told me ice would do no good. My therapist advised me to apply heat.