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Tear in Shoulder Capsule

Hello everybody!

I would really like some advice about my shoulder and how to deal with it. The problems basicly started september 2011, i was training too much, no proper warm up etc etc just the usual beginners mistakes. I went to the doctor who advised 1 month of rest. I didnt fully rest tbh but dropped most of the lifting and didnt do any kickboxing as well.

After the month of “rest” i went to the PT to get checked out. He advised to drop all the training activities above a 90 degree angle and to start strengthening my rc muscles, he said i probably had impingement of the supraspinatus. Well my being addicted to training i continued to do some pull ups twice a week without doing any chest work, so after two months my shoulder felt really bad and i decided to stop training all together, i kept going to the PT and had visited an orthopedic surgeon.

after 2 months the surgeon wanted to make some echo’s which showed some bursitis but everything else was oke. He suggested rest so i did that for 3 months, while my condition didnt get any better, he suggested an arhroscopy, last thurday i had my arthroscopy and the surgeon told my i had a tear in my shoulder capsule. His advise was to start training intensely as soon as possible, everything when very fast so i didnt have a chance to ask if there are any dangers in starting to train again, ofcouse i was very happy to hear it but i am concerned that i could possibly injure myself even more.

Furthermore i dont know if i should contact my PT again he diagnosed my with impingement in the first place :S. the surgeon did mention that if my shoulder doesnt improve over the next 2 months i could have another surgery where he could stitch the tear.

hopefully you guys can provide some useful advise thanks

interested to see responses…but if it were me i would find exercises that are pain free and do them, high reps, and make sure you stay balanced in your shoulder/chest/back work. You might like neutral grip db pressing, pushups, cable flys from a bench (helps stretch pecs and shoulders this way), lots of rowing, rear delt work and Y’sT’s and A’s as well as internal and external rotations. If this does not help, also with stretching and baseball work to loosen everything up in there then i would see about that surgery.

train the shit out of your upper back. Most shoulder problems can be fixed by doing that.

Be patient, and remember: “if it hurts, don’t do it”

Good advice, I’m going through the same thing. It’s taken me a couple months of trial and ouch to find exercises that don’t hurt, or don’t hurt later the same day. I’ve been seeing a PT and MT and both say the same thing, just keep active, balanced, and stop if it hurts. The surgeon telling you to train intensly does not sound right.

I went to one idiot MT who did more damage than good with deep massage into the impingement. My PT said he was grinding into the inflamed muscle and probably set me back weeks, sure felt like it, I can lift less than before.

I am in my third month of this and really miss my workouts. But I’m on the mend after learning

  1. finding the right excercises, a. nothing wide grip b. nothing raised above shoulder height c. keep your elbows in d. all grips are either palm up or thumbs up.
  2. icing the shoulder right after each workout.

My last visit at my PT gave me hope that I might be back to normal by this fall (2012) if I keep patient. I’m trying.

hy guys thanks for the advise, I called the hospital and i have a bankart lesion, really sucks as my FT says i need surgery to repair it as my surgeon says first 2 months of training before considering a surgery :S tbh iam pretty lost