Teamstaley Summer Giveaway!

Okay boys and girls, remember this from last year-6-24-04:

"Over here we have been throwing this around and we have decided to really make someone’s summer. Charles and I talked about this and have come up with our very best of the best. One of you,if you are interested in a dare to be great kind of thing are who we are looking for. This is no book,or video give away. We are going to hold you accountable and make you work for this. …ok, now that I have your attention:

2 months of Distant Coaching!!!

you are going to get 2 months of programs from Staley himself. This includes our online coaching forum loaded with Training and Nutrition help from some of the best in this industry.This is absolutely awesome and would be worth a fortune on it’s own. You can call and speak to Charles directly twice a week and ask questions pertaining to your needs. This also includes our Wednesday Conference Call and monthly guest call too.

We also throw in some products such as the Training and Nutrition Software program to help you out, and the EDT Download Book. Heck, you can even call me up toll free and shoot the breeze…"

ok- yeah we did that and then some. We let 3 of you into this little contest and at the end 2 of you were standing- WAY TO GO TIZOKEY AND JODGEY!

This summer only 2 will be picked and instead of 2 months of training it is 3 that you will get. There will be prizes but the main thing is that you will learn alot about yourself in the process (just ask Tizokey or Jodgey). No random draws here.

Tell us why you want this and lets make some summer history. Any of our past winners are eligible so please post here why you should get this opportunity. I double dare you. You have until this Sunday night at midnight to post your entry

Ok-this is it and it is worth it’s weight in gold. I think it’s priceless and 2 of you get to be our lucky winners. You need to be injury free and work out in a commercial gym-I am going to make you sign something that says so ,so keep it real. . IF you have done EDT and think we can take you even further I want to know about it.

And in the end Charles just may write about you in one of his articles. We will also want pictures from you once you have been picked .And be prepared to give it your all. If you are only half way serious, please don’t keep someone who is totally commited from this.

Thanks! Julianne

Why I should get this awesome chance

Simply because I want to learn everything I can and Coach Staley is one of the best. I work at a private studio, training some othropedic issues, some post rehab and mostly cancer survivors and your weekend warrior. Sadly for me I don’t train enough weekend warriors. My Passion is training and training athletes. I’ve dealt with and am still dealing with a huge amount of frustration because I don’t get to work with the clients that can best be served from my T-Knowledge.

But a bigger factor is to prove people wrong, I’m the only training there without a degree in exercise and I get looked won upon, I get treated like"oh he’s the hypertrohpy guys" like thats a bad thing. Little do they know I’m at home night and day reading work from guys like Siff and Roman and top coaches like Staley, Poliquin and Thibaudeau.

Thats why I feel I deserve the chance.

This is really great! I would love the chance to work on your distance training program with you. I have read your book, Guide to Ultimate Arms and bought/watched your EDT DVD. I really like your style of coaching and your theories on physical training. I have wanted to join your distance training class for a long time. The only reason I haven’t is I can’t afford it. I know you hear this all the time, so let me explain.

I have a six-year old daughter who is working on becoming an Olympic skater. I know you’re probably thinking that’s a pretty tall order for a six-year old. She trains with a professional coach three to four times a week and skates/practices six days a week. After paying the $1000 + this is costing every month (and this is not counting competition prep) there is no room for anything else. In fact it would be interesting to hear your theories and how they would apply to a developing figure skater.

If picked I will write up and journal everything about the experience. To add another thought to that, I will chronicle/journal the whole event on T-Nation so others can see how your system works. Either way, you are a great coach and someone is going to be lucky in a huge way.



Tell us why you want this…

I’m a stay-home mom of two little boys who has been bitten by the “iron bug” and finally gotten into good shape. My baby turned 1 last month and I’ve been back to the gym since January (when he started sleeping thru the night). I have worked very hard to lose 22lbs and drop 10%bf. I’m feeling good and fitting into much smaller clothes. I am now ready to start really building strength and putting on some muscle. Although I have always been athletic and played sports, I don’t have a lot of training knowledge or experience. I’ve read some books and am constantly “sponging” from T-Nation, but I am eager to learn more. Before I stopped working to stay home with the kids for a few years, I was a massage therapist - so I have a decent understanding of anatomy and physiology. I would like to maybe combine my massage experience and bodybuilding interest when I eventually return to work.

I am extremely motivated and committed to working out. Getting to the gym is my release and much-needed private time. I work out alone at a family-fitness type gym, where usually I’m the only one squatting and deadlifting. I had my husband build me a pull-up/dip station on our swing set so I can “play” with the kids and I just made a sled to try dragging them around.

I’m at such an exciting point in my fitness “life” - I’ve just climbed out of a deep hole onto level ground, and I’m getting ready to climb the mountain ahead (sorry for the hokey-ness). Being able to work with someone of Coach Staley’s caliber and utilize all those resources would be such an amazing opportunity - I would do my best to make you proud! Thanks for your consideration.

PS - You can see my before & after pics at

I’ve been making changes lately. I’ve become the excellent student I once was,I am now more career oriented, and I’ve decided to proactively take control of my life. This could be the icing on my cake.

I have been training for 5+ years, and I don’t just love training,I love to learn about training as well.

I’m no slouch. I’ve been following Waterbury style routines for about a year now, but I would love this opportunity to take my physique to the next level.

What a great idea! My daughter would love this. I think Jillybop should definitely be chosen for this give-away.

I would absolutley love some real, quality direction in my workouts.

I am prepared to make, and stick to any and all goals suggested to me after you see my before pictures and know my background.

I’m 26, I started working out seriously when I was around 14 or 15, competed and won my first early teen bench competition at age 16 (a few days before my 17th birthday), with a lift of 305lbs at a body weight of 158lbs.

I fell off the wagon a few times since, but got most serious when on a very small island in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia while in the Navy.

I befriended a large man who was into powerlifting and he completely changed my outlook on how to workout. He pushed me to my all time best PRs at a body weight of 148, with a bench of 335lbs, squat of 405 and a deadlift of 425. This was all only with a belt and wrist straps (shirts and suits were not allowed).

Coming back to the States, I soon got married and had a beatiful baby girl a year later. This took a large toll on my body (even though my wife was the one who had the baby;) and eventually let me to my laziest, most unhealthy time in my life (about a year and a half ago).

I was fatter than I’ve ever been at 185lbs, and actually saw my chest shrink smaller than it’s been in years, right before my eyes.
At the age of 24, I saw an out of shape, middle aged man when I looked in the mirror. This made me sick to my stomach to look at myself and I made some new goals to lose my fat and get my strength close to where it once was.

I have since purchased an ebook from Will Brink and another by Tom Venuto and they completely changed my outlook on nutrition.

I gradually lost a lot of my fat and gained a significant amount of strength back fairly quickly, but it wasn’t close to where I wanted to be.

After a brutal, lazy winter I gained back about 10 of the 15 pounds I lost.

About 5-6 months ago I made some new goals to lose more fat and compete in a powerlifting competition once again. I have since lost 20lbs and 6 inches from my 40 inch waist and was down to 160lbs with my strength staying fairly consistent. I then worked more on strength and added 5 lbs but was able to keep my waist at 34 inches (with a “4 pack” for the second time in my life).

I now have a goal to compete in an APA competition (just because it happens to be the closest available) on October 1st. I now weigh 165 and my numbers are; bench 330, squat and deadlift both at 405.

I learned about T-Nation only a few months ago and still have a lot of article reading to do, but from what I’ve read so far, I’m hooked on using this site and forum to learn as much as I can about how to reach and make new goals every time I reach one of them.

I am willing to change or postpone my current goals, only for this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best strength coach teams available!

My drive and motivation are at an all time high by my self, and will greatly increase with the added motivation of having a well known strength coach pushing me to my new personal bests!

I would truly appreciate such an unbelievable opportunity. I have been training for over 20 years. I have tried many different routines, supplements, diets, etc. Most people can tell I work out with weights and tell me they think I am pretty fit, strong, and active. The reality is that I am like many others who have spent many years around the gym but have not made the significant progress that should have been made with that amount of training. I believe a big part of this is gathering tons of information from books, articles, magazines, and others who train and trying to apply what was read or heard to your own workouts with limited success because of not fully understanding all aspects of the training.

For some time I have been researching trying to design my own programs to try and take my training to the next level. I do not want things to remain status quo; I am ready and willing to do what it takes to make this happen. I can’t imagine how great it would be to have this chance to get the type of information and professional consultation that you are offering! I believe that with this kind of guidance and my all out dedication I can definitely make significant, positive changes in my training success.

While I would love the chance at this things right now I fear may not allow me to give it the full attention it deserves.

I just wanted to chime in and tell Charles and the whole of team Staley how cool the is. Also I wanted to give my second or third what ever it is to the bChoice of Jillybop. I thinnk she is much deserving and would do the program to it’s fullest. I would love to see the transformation you all could help her accheive.

Just my 2 cc


Okay. So I just saw this and I have to chime in. Being a part of Team Staley was the BEST experience of my training life. Imagine being able to wipe away all of the doubt as to weather you are doing the right thing. Imagine being able to let go of all your training anxiety and let one of the best coaches in the world monitor your progress and develop a lifting program taylored to your specific goals and to bring up your specific weaknesses.

You will get a month by month program, based on your progress, developed by Charles himself. I have used the 1st month program three times in the past year, because it is sooooo much damn fun. I cant tell anyone much about what I did or show pictures of my gains, but. . . . I lost several points on the body fat scale whilemaking little change to my diet. I was also having a ton of fun.

I was in a competition with Tizokey, who, to his credit valmorphesized n\himself, even while he battled a several week long bout of food poinsoning. The competition kept me motivated, kept me in the gym, kept me from pussing out. This competition will give you a goal to push yourself daily. not some personal many moons away goal of 10% body fat. charles sets it up so that when you are lifting, you know there is another person out there eating as strictly as you, lifting as hard as you, getting the same coaching. It pushes you to become better than you have ever been.

And you are not alone.

If you read the daily tips, or Charles’ articles, you will have noticed that Charles tends to take his philosophies to another level. He tries to get you to become whole, and apply the same strict dedication from the gym in your everyday life. You get off the conference call amped and ready to take on the world. in the gym, but also in your job and the rest of your personal endeavors.

There are several great coaches that are a part of Integrated Sports Solutions. So you get a personalized meeting of the minds. One guy on there, I think it was Josh Henkin, threw out this ‘Z Training’, which I believe was a way to dynamically stretch (I dont want to speak for his system). I still use most of the stretches everyday before I lift. My flexibility has gone through the roof.

Another cool thing . . . they had this snatch contest on the forums. Apparently noone has won yet, but the first one to Snatch 205 get a free dozen of Krispy Kremes. Charles injects fun into lifting. I am currently up to 145 for singles (with a slight press at the end)

I guess I was to say that being a part of Team Staley was considered by me to be a privelege, and if you dont spend the three seconds to reply and say why you deserve to be apart of something this special, you dont deserve to be a part of soemthing this special.

Julianne kicks ass too. She will hook you up in ways you will never know. If she was single and in Florida, I would totally become her love slave. Her dirty bitch.
I guess that is all I have to say.
I am sorry Team Staley that I have fallen by the wayside. I do carry you everyday with my workouts and am in fact doing one of your EDT programs from a few years ago. And Charles, as you liked to preach, I am not afraid to make substitutions and mix it up. It really is a lot more fun when you aren’t strictly tied to program.

Well here goes.

Please consider me for this opportunity.

I am 43, and, when I ask advice from others, I do what they say. I’m a good student.

Why do I want this?
I want this so badly its unbelievable. Ever since I was a little kid Ive wanted to grow up to be big and strong. Popeye and He-man were my favorite cartoons, Schwarzeneggar my favorite actor, and I can remember watching my Dad lifting weights when I was little and always wishing that I could too.

I was finally allowed to begin lifting when I was 14 years old so I could put on some weight for basketball. Ive always been on the skinny side, and Ive always hated that. I lifted through High School to better prepare myself for the sports I was playing. I was a two sport (basketball and soccer) Varsity athlete for four years in high school, and went on to play soccer in college. I always used lifting as a tool for the sports I was playing, and never got to do what I really wanted to… to put on some real mass and get ripped up.

Now that Ive graduated from college I finally have that chance… Im putting everything I can into my lifting, and Im loving it. Since I began lifting, my dream has always been to one day own a gym of my own and to go as far as my physique will let me.

Ive read Coach Staley’s articles for years and have always loved his training philosophies. Ive given EDT a shot here and there (with great success), but because of my sports I have always had to stop the programs early and work with more sport specific programs that were laid out for me.

If given this opportunity I would take FULL advantage of it. It would be the perfect way for me to get on the right track, to break through my plateaus, and to get to the level where I will feel comfortable pursuing my goal to own a gym and to train others. I know that this type of opportunity doesn’t come along too often and I will work my butt off, do everything I can, and will not let this go to waste.

Team Staley, it has always been my dream to become as big and strong as I possibly could, and if you pick me I promise not to let you down.

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 209 lbs
Good Fitness Level
Currently Working Out 4x/Wk

I am just here to remind anyone interested in this that this Sunday at midnight is when all entrys must be in. This is really an awesome contest and
it takes a true competitor to go after it. -Julianne

There would be some benefit in granting this to one of us more mature folks!

If 40 is the new 30, and more and more of us 40somethings are returning to hard, serious training, what better advertising for the Staley method than to take at least one “older guy” who is very serious about making strides in training knowledge and experience, and catapult his experience with expert training and advice? Would not a multitude more find inspiration and motivation in such a success story?

Is it not true that as America “greys” training will become a bigger and bigger market among more mature folks?

I’d like to participate in this for selfish reasons, but I can certainly see the benefit for Teamstaley as well.

I have also returned to the gym after a two decade hiatus of doing nothing but helping friends and neighbors do stuff (moving, carrying, etc…)

I have also made great gains, beyond my expectations. I attribute most of it to the motivation I received in reading “Dinosaur Training” by Brooks Kubik, and the encouragement of people who know more than I.

It’s working for me, and if it can work for me, it can work for anyone. I am 5’7", and currently 200 lbs.

Therefore, I ask for serious consideration for this wonderful opportunity. I don’t post much on T-Nation because I don’t have much to say, usually. But I learn.

Thanks for your consideration.

I believe I should get this because I am 14 years old and am a young, aspiring lifter with my entire athletic career and life ahead of me. I am a very competitive wrestler, captain of the Middle school team this past year, and want to be All-County next season. I started lifting last November for wrestling, but the programs I used were pretty bad and unbalanced. However, I soon went on online and got myself a good program, and recently I have cleaned up my nutrition.

I am very motivated to perform, have my whole athletic career ahead of me, and it would be helpful if I had some quality guidance in strength.- Joe Sullivan

I should have mentioned that I work out in a home gym.

give it to Jillybop. She rocks.

Any word on a winner yet? Or when the 3 months begin?

Just curious (and anxious) as this is an incredible opportunity and I’d like to follow how it’s going even if I’m not picked (though I’d love to be able to follow how it’s going first hand ;).

ok- I was going to wait until Friday to do this but what the heck-I will go ahead now and let you all know who our winners are. This was really hard as you all seem very worth of this- I have to say though that I was surprised at the number that submitted to this. Anyway- we decided to go with 3 again instead of 2 so let’s see how this one turns out:

Roadwarrior- Jeff, I gotta love a man who puts his daughter first and this time you are first!

Jillybop- ok, you had people pushing for you and after checking you out around here you deserve this.

IronJohn- 40 IS the new 30 and you are going to prove it.

That’s it- thanks to all who submitted and look for us to do this again. For now, you 3 need to PM me your phone numbers ASAP so I can call you up in the next day and get you going. This will officially start on July 4th-Independence Day!! Stay tuned…Julianne

Congrats!!! to the winners. Now prepeare to Bust some tookas and show us all some awesome results.

Also Just want to say what a SWEET deal this is of Team Staley. You all are unparalleleed in your kindness and generosity on these give aways. GREAT WORK!!

Good Luck All,