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Teamstaley Summer Giveaway - The Thread!


Hope everyone is enjoying a festive Fourth of July. Today is also the "kickoff" of the Teamstaley Summer Giveaway! I am starting this thread to keep everyone up to date on this project. Yesterday, Jillybop, Iron John and I received our workouts for the first month. This is going to be an interesting three months and I am really looking forward to this. I will be back with more information on how we are doing, as will Jillybop and Iron John.





Thanks for doing this I will be interested in all that comes of this.

Good luck,


I'm excited about the new program and did my first workout yesterday. I already feel out of my comfort zone because much of it is new to me - new exercise, new variation, new way of reps/sets, etc. I know this is good for me to grow out of my newbie-ness, but I'm a little nervous. Nowhere to go, but up, I guess!


good luck everyone one. Do NOT miss the conference calls adn dont be afraid to ask questions, no matter how 'dumb'.

Also, get involved with the ISS forum. There are a lot of really smart / experienced guys on there that will take you under their wing to help you out. And,as I am sure Julianne told you, follow Charles' program to a T. Variation can come after you are out of this program, but right now, you are his puppet, so do the program and lifts as prescribed. I promise you will have fun and enjoy them.

Good luck to all of you. Cant wait to see you at Boot camp and see the results.
Charles, will you be showing before and after pics?


Awesome idea!

By the looks of the contest entry essays and by reading some of your other posts, it's obvious that they picked the right people.

Keep us posted and good luck to the 3 of you.

I know you probably can't say exactly what they're having you do, but do they give you their own specific goals from your pictures, or do you work with them to come up with your own?


I can't go into any real detail (at least for now), but we filled out a profile and gave that to Charles. Based on the profile, Charles gave us each specific programs to work. We follow those to a "t" and don't stray from set-up. Everything is based on EDT (obviously). More later.


Well, Road Warrior jumped the gun on me and started this thread- pics will come later in this-remember there 3 are competing and have no idea what the others are up against and we want their heads involved in their own programs and to not start thinking about what the others are doing. I want to see these 3 become animals and want to win this more than the other-look for some good stuff in the next few weeks-Julianne


ok- getting into a month here so look for these 3 to come on and report progress-Julianne