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TEAMSTALEY Giveaway Appreciation Day

Today is a great day,no a LUCKY day. Here at work I am being treated like the great employee that I am and I have a room full of balloons and Charles is allowing me to make prank phone calls from my desk. But wait there’s more… Charles said I have carte blanche today -that I can make it up as I go and do what I want.

So here is the deal…you call me today at 1-800-519-2492 and I am going to offer you a deal of a lifetime in regards to our Boot Camp. If you are still on the fence about attending this event then call me now as I am only doing like 5or so of these packages. We moved out equiptment to make room for more seats- why wouldn’t you want to go this event?!?

Anyway- I am only offering this deal TODAY, and I am doing this only for you guys- So pick up the phone already!!!-Julianne

This boot camp should be a good one, with several of we T-Nation goons being there. If you go and can catch me early enough, I’ll be giving out a few of the new red T-Nation shirts!

And I hear Julianne is putting an “intimate” photo of herself in every gift bag…

Shugart!!! I said intimate pictures of you,not me

Not to make anyone feel bad if they miss out-but the UPS guy was just here delivering the X-vests that we are giving away at this event-it could be you!!-Julianne

[quote]teamstaley wrote:
Shugart!!! I said intimate pictures of you, not me[/quote]

Oh great, now the place is going to be crawling with hot babes and we’ll never get any work done.

Just don’t tell anyone David Barr will be there. He’ll bring out the Canadian moose fetishists and it will be chaos. Can’t take that boy anywhere.