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Boy is Charles in a good mood -I was kinda wondering what that big concrete slab that suddenly showed up out back was for. No one would give me a straight answer until Charles unveiled the new "strongman training area"- he said it was to throw tires and stuff! Charles has such a great sence of humor - there is even a shower area that says "DECONTAMINATION ONLY" Charles explained that the guys get really stinky. There is even a red trash can that says "Biowaste materials" He says that that is for the towels and that I never,ever have to go near it. EVER. What a swell day. Oh yeah- and he told me to give away 5 call passes to the legend that is Eric Cressey. This call takes place tomorrow form 3-4 PST. If chosen please have your PMs turned on so I can send you the number to call and the code. The number is long distance and yes, you can call it from Canada. These calls run fr 1 hour and are priceless!! get to posting here if you want in on this contest-Julianne


YES. YES. YES. Not sure if I have expired my Team Staley free $hit giveaway alotment, but if you have the kindness in your soul, I would love to listen in on Staley and EC getting to it.


Actually, a few months ago a few city refuse workers were rooting around in there and before you know it, I've got a 15,000 dollar fine and a lawsuit on my hands! This IS America isn't it? Why can't I just do what I want at my own compound?!?!


Coach Staley, you want to do that talk on progression patterns you and CW had planned for today if CW shows up?

I think you should invite CT into the picture and make this thread DIVINE.



After doing the snatches Charles regularly prescribes, and seeing the sweat devastation in the surrounding 5 foot radius, I can see why the city would want to cite and fine you tens of thousands of dollars for those towels.


Yeah but I think it may have to be tomorrow...I've got 3 HasMat trucks in front of the house and I think I'm gonna be real busy for the next few hours


Shit. Ok, Ill let it go for now...

Jeez, good luck Coach!



Hey Charles,

Can I get in on this call? :slightly_smiling:

(You still need to give me the number!)

Also, should I use that uber-seductive voice that Dave Barr taught me? Or, would you like a classic New England accent?


YES I am in please!


Ever since I have been up here, I havent noticed an obnoxious NE accent. I expected to hear stuff like "Wicked" and "tits" and $hitty drawing out of the vowel 'a'.
You CT guys are pretty normal. Also noticed was the lack of condescending attitude. You guys really arent as bad as the rest of the world makes you out to be.


sign me up!


Hey Mr Staley! I have a question regarding EDT and 10x3! I know you probably get a lot of this, but if you dont mind, your input would be appreciated. How would you go about incorporating 10x3 with EDT? The setup for the exercises, and how to put it together? Would you do 10x3 for the core lfits, and then use edt for the rep work on the assistant muscle groups? E.G. Bench 10x3, EDT Shoulders and Back? I am kinda confused on this? And would there be a possibility of using it for the whole body? Ideas, Input, critique and comments would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Oh man, I'd love to listen in. Thanks.


Please put me in the hat!


Sign me up for the conference call please!



I would love to listen in on this call! Eric and Charles have made a big impact on the way I look at this field.



ok kids- check your PM's the call passes went out and that call takes place in about an hour-Julianne


Crap!!! I got the PM but didn't realize it was that soon! I was busy at work and missed it.