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It’s that time of year again. My great boss Charles Staley fills the room with balloons and allows me to get away with murder. I get to make as many prank calls as I want and today was great.

First I called a bunch of other strength coach assistants and screamed into the phone"who’s your daddy". Then I called Chris Shugart and pretended that I wanted to switch his long distance carrier. Boy was I in for a surprise-turns out that they have a boiler room over at T-Nation and everyone who works there does time selling phone plans . By the time I hung up I had not only changed my carrier but Chris had me locked into a 3 year cell phone plan.Then I called TC- you would think it is hard getting through to him but no-they didn’t even ask me who was calling. I heard someone mumble that it was another call for “Mr fabulous”. When TC got on the phone I started breathing heavy into the phone but all TC said was "Tim I told you to stop that "… Well, so much for my fun. Then it dawned on me- give stuff away at Charles expense. That is always alot of fun.

So here I am and this is what is up for grabs. You all know that we have a HUGE bootcamp coming up here in Arizona this October 15th. At this point seats are going for $500 apiece ( or a great deal if you join the platnum coaching group)!! Anyway,this day is going to be awesome and some of the best of the best will be presenting-Dan John, Lonnie Lowery,Chad Waterbury, DR. Eric Cobb, Josh Henkin-even Charles himself this year will be teaching.Heck- we even give great stuff away and you get a bag of stuff at the end. The giveaway? One of you gets a seat!!! Now , we won’t pay for your plane ride or hotel but I promise this day will be worth it to someone out there. On Monday I will pick the “winner” and 3 others are going to get a consolation prize pack- post here if this sounds like a treat


Oooh!!! raises hand high a’la Arnold Horshack (And man, did I just date myself with that reference!)

Pick me!!!

Thanks for your consideration and it sounds awesome.


Kevin Cooper

The boot camp should be great this year. I may even be sober. Really. I kid you not.

Seriously, everyone always asks us to do T-Nation seminars. Well, these Staley camps are the closest thing! Dan John, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Dr. Eric Cobb, Josh Henkin, Charles Staley and Chad Fucking Waterbury? How cool is that?

Dan John should be required to wear his kilt though.

Sounds like fun.

Sounds sweet to me.

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up. I have attended the last two Bootcamps and this year’s ‘Summit’ is going to blow those past two out of the water (and they were awesome!)

The presenter list is amazing and the knowledge you gain just talking with folks in between presentations is pricesless.

Juliane is an angel for giving away a seat so take advantage and I’ll see you there.

Kyle Battis

I took my ISSA course through him a while ago, great teacher! Count me in.

Great teacher
I had him for a ISSA certification.
Count me in.
George Macaluso

I will wear a kilt. I have the perfect place to wrap a present from T-Nation, too…

Oh hell yeah!

This sounds like too much fun.

Might as well throw my name in there.

Yeah, this seminar will be amazing. Run, don’t walk, to buy your ticket!

Also, bring your ol’ thinkin’ cap cuz I’m gonna be throwing out some questions that will induce a cerebral orgasm!

cool; I’m in…

VERY, VERY cool…

Please count me in!

Alright, another great Team Staley giveaway! I’ll try my luck again. Your team is the Greatest!

Please throw my name in the hat.


Real men wear kilts.

Pick me please. pleaseeeeee.

Another ISSA graduate.

I got into that program because of Coach Staley.

Hey, isn’t prostitution legal in Arizona?

Oh. I guess that’s why I was a guest of the state for so long.

So yeah, please pick me. ME.

You know you want to.

I am in!

Ps. what’s some of them phone numbers, crank calls are always fun to make!