Teamstaley Anniversary Giveaway

I’m in!

I’m all about some Staley gear.

me, me!!!

I may even be willing to clean some mats…


Consider this my entry



Pick me, pick me. Please.

How’s that?

sounds good :slight_smile:

Free stuff = goooood times. :slight_smile: I’m all for it.


  • Return with honor (and hopefully some goodies).

I don’t need the DVD (already bought it, by the way its great!) but I could use The Secrets of Combat Fitness.

Thanks and Happy Anniverary!


Here is hoping I win something for once :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, count me in!

I’am in for the free stuff a Staley fan.

Absolutely DO NOT pick me!!!

I figured a little reverse psych may work.


Midget jugglers? They must really like you over there.

Used EDT for several cycles since the articles first came out and made great gains… count me in.

Congrats on the anniversary. I recently began the EDT training and have made great strides- I would love the chance for the DVD - or anything from Team Staley!

Pick meee!

I’m in and congratulations.

I’m in.

Happy Anniversary!

pick me - I never use the power rack for curls