Teamstaley Anniversary Giveaway

ok-today marks another year of working with and for Charles. Today was great -first some midget jugglers came out with my cake and balloons and then Charles said I was free to make as many prank calls and 976 numbers as I wanted. He said I didn’t have to scrub the mats in the gym today and I also got some cash and gift certificates and then he said that of course I could give some stuff away. Only in America.

Post here and I will pick tomorrow- oh let’s say 5 of you to get some prizes -4 of you can have “The Secrets of Combat Fitness” ebook and a bonus and 1 of you will get the new EDT DVD shipped to you along with some download bonus stuff- Thanks -Julianne

Okay… I’m posting. I’m always on board for free stuff. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on not cleaning the mats.


Put me in for the contest. Are midget jugglers one of the prizes?


Thanks Julianne


Your articles are great, and it would kick ass to recieve one of your products!

Count me in!

Pleeeease Pick me… how’s that for groveling?

Those prizes would make for a great read while I recover from knee surgery!!
{{{{{{{Secretly hoping that sympathy helps}}}}}}}}

Im posting. Definitely a fan of Staley and free stuff.


Count me in - thanks!

Posting for free stuff.

Who wouldn’t try for Coach Staley’s stuff, anyway? I’m in…

Grats on another year

Great idea. Count me in.


What did the Brit say when he walked in on his wife cheating with three other men?

'Ello ello ello…

Count me in!

Pick me! pick me!

What up TeamStizzle?

Pick me I need some Staley gear!