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TeamKoings First Comp


... Oxman, Regieski (Deep Squat to you guys) and moi

Crystal Palace : Spring Open 29/05/2010

Bw 76.xxkg

Was looking sharp, warm up was a bit poorer then usual imo, just needs to stay a bit more focused

- Solid, got better and better in the comp, definitely more in the tank and was taking a lot out of the comp atmosphere. He would have not had a chance at 71kg in training but with the group +4kg PB! More then 5% at the first comp, VERY NICE!

- looked okay in the warm up, failed 75 I think? Didn't get the first 80, the refs were strict to everyone.
-stuckt he 2nd one at 80
-3rd attempt we through caution to the win and went for 88 for a +1kg PB on the C&J, didn't quite have it today

Total: 151kg


-sharp in the warm ups, stuck his first one
-2nd just needed to stay a bit tighter
-3rd was close, just buckled a bit

-easy clean, tough ref on the Jerk
-poor Jerk imo, he is a lot better thent his
-again tough reffing, I only see one side

Bw 89.41kg

118: Nailed it, missed 110 and 115 in the warm up, took 110 again as there was quite a wait before I went out
122: timed out, gash, a first!
122: close, had it, over corrected it, lost it, VERY disappointed

140: stuck it
150: close, just a bit behind, closet attempt at 150 yet
150: had to follow myself, should have taken a bit more time, had about 30-40seconds left, tired after the first attempt, but the Jerk looks closer on the video then it felt

Other Woking lifters:

His first comp also, coached by Brian

Little bro:
Bw 57.xxKg : 3yrs training, turned 15 last month

his warms ups were poor, missed 52 twice, lack of focus

57: stuck it
61: stuck it +1kg PB
63: stuck it + 3kg PB, equal training PB

78: easy
81: easy +1kg PB
83: clean wasn't caught as cleanly, but corrected and powered up, missed the Jerk in front a bit, not bad attempt

Total: 144kg


Some really good lifts there mate. Good work!


Well done all around. Koing, that 122 snatch and 150 c+j are right there, you'll be crushing those in no time.


Yeah man. I just have to STICK IT next time :smiley:

4 weeks till the British :smiley:



Cool to watch. Thanks for posting it :slightly_smiling:


Nice lifting all round. Fucking close on that 122 and 150 better luck next time big man.


Dude I can't get over the explosiveness on your lifts at max weights. Really fucking nice man.


Training my man, training.

10yrs of training, I should be lifting more but such is life! And this year I will be changing this :smiley: