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TeamKoing Oxford Comp



Oxford comp
Koing bw 92.9kg
OxMan 81.x
Chad 81.x

Felt pretty good, not gone in with the best of lifting having only done 3 out of 5 sessions, Sn 120 twice, missed CJ 140 about 5x...only CJ 131 and 135, but whatever. I always fancy my chances in a comp

120x bit in front, whatever, going to go up
125x hmmmmm...not ideal...under the gun...will I bomb?!
125 booyah! +3kg pb! Nice! First 2 red plate Sn in comp!

135 easy enough
147.5 heaviest CJ in ages
152.5x had to follow myself, not much left to Jerk it after 2 CJ that I followed myself. Easier to follow myself on the Sn as the weights aren't as heavy

272.5kg + 3.5kg PB

My 2 other Lifters
OxMan was injured but still took away comp Pb's 80/95

Chads first comp, only 7hrs coaching with me 85/100 : first of my lifters to hit a bw Sn in comp!

Much more to come from the both of them, another comp at Woking in 5 weeks time

Chi smashed it completely
bw 66.5 or so
82.5 +2.5 PB
85 +5 PB

107.5 +0.5 PB
110 +3 PB

195 +7.5kg PB

He's qualified for the Senior English Champs next year as a 16yr old 69 LOL. He aims to CJ 120 by the end of the year.

He's done 6 comps this year and he's NOT MISSED A SINGLE CLEAN AND JERK. 18 Clean and Jeks and ZERO misses. INSANE. His Jerk is just so strong.

From last years best he is up
Sn 71 +14kg
CJ 90 +20kg

He has 4.5months and 4 comps to go,