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Team Vanguard Video Thread

Hello all–

Here are a few videos of the group of guys I’ve been training for the past few months.

A little background on me: I’ve been training for a long time–about 20 years. I am/was an elitefts sponsored athlete (my archived log is here: http://asp.elitefts.net/qa/default.asp?au=&m=10&y=2010&pr=&Action=View+Questions&tid=198 ) and have been competing in amateur strongman for 9 years completely natural. This to me is a hobby rather than a lifestyle, but I get great satisfaction doing it for myself and for the trainees.

Here is the first vignette I did concerning moving; it’s a time lapse of a move to a storage unit.

No belt, body weight PR.

40 Pound PR.