Team Staley Giveaway Progress

Great work tizokey!

Keep the results coming and really deicate yourself for the rest of the contest.

It has been a pleasure having you in the group.

Kyle Battis

I am planning on posting pictures, but I took some last night and was discouraged. The math and calipers say one thing, but the pics are not so nice. I think I may be my own worst critic, as many people are, but nonetheless, I will post some pics. I sure as hell feel a lot better and healthier, and for the first time ever I realize that I will get to my goal, however long it takes. lexie, thanks for the nice words. kbattis, you have been a help over at the forum and have taught me much from your posts in a short time.

I have to say that I think you want this contest more than anyone-I am proud of you Tony-Julianne

I posted over at the Staley forums essentially the same post, but I figured T-mag readers have encountered such a situation.
My grandfather is in rough shape and I have to fly out to Albany, NY Thursday night. I spent today running around for some things. I bought a few bags of jerky and a bunch of produce and nuts; it sounds like I may be holed up in the hospital for the weekend. I plan on winning this contest (sorry jodgey, westfall, I made my mind up on that a while ago). Is it OK for me to lift four days in a row (M-Tr) instead of MTu TrF. This is a real test for the contest, because my grandfather will be the center of my attention, and probably will be for the next month or so. Also, does anybody have any travel tips? Anything will be appreciated.

For the record, I am now down to 240 lbs and am at 18% bodyfat.
I will post pictures in 10 days, when the contest is over.


It’s about time to revive the thread again. For all out there who are watching this thread, I am still at 240, but the calipers are telling me about 16 mm, which translates to 17%. Once I post some pictures in the coming weeks, hopefully all of you out there can see any change in the pictures. I was discouraged trying to look at some side by sides pics, and decided not to do that again until the contest was over. The calipers should be more truthful, anyway.

The contest is coming down to the last week or so, and I am a little more motivated now than I was a couple weeks ago. Any others out there who have done a “challenge” have any tips for me? I will appreciate it.
Also, jodgey, I think you should chime in on your results as well, which are impressive.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO TIZOKEY !!! He made awesome progress in our giveaway over here this summer and he will continue on in the coaching group for the next 2 months and come to Boot Camp!!! Jodgey did great as well and it was very hard not to pick the both of them. Kyle came in 3rd.
I am very proud of these guys for putting themselves to the test and coming out with the knowledge that they had it all along. Look in the future for how this contest played out. And now it’s on to the tvixens to give away this same opportunity!!!-Julianne

I would like to congratulate Tony on his successes in this contest. He did a great job. I would also like to thank TeamStaley for the opportunity to personally train under one of my favorite coaches. It really was an honor and a privelege to have access to Charles Staley for two months.
Ladies, sign up for this next contest, because you will have fun and learn a ton in the process.
Thanks again Charles and Julianne

PS – TC, if you want to give out a half case of Surge and Grow to second place, or even better, one of those tribal T-nation Tshirts, I would graciously accept.

Congratlations to all three of you guys. Patience and dedication are essential in reaching our physique goals aren’t they? Well just wanted to thank you guys for posting your information with us and keeping us informed.

When will we see the new yous?

First of all, thanks to everyone invloved. Jodgey is a competitor for sure, and like he said, it is an honor to train and learn from one of the best out there. Thanks to T-nation, Julianne for sure, and to Charles. And I promised I would post some pics, and I will soon. Thanks,