Team Staley Giveaway Progress

About 1 month ago I was a winner of a Team Staley giveaway-2 months of distance coaching. Today is my 23rd day of training EDT style and with Charles’ programs. So far I have lost 20 lbs-I have gone from 270 to 250-and I have seen my flexibility improve as well as my form. My strength has gone up as well. I have also learned to listen to my body-I have found some muscular imbalances that I never thought I had. To all of you debating the distance coaching-try it. I have access to so many things over at Charles website. I can pick up my phone and talk to Charles or Julianne-thanks to both of you so far. Access to everything over there as well as the words of encouragement from everybody is appreciated. It has helped me overhaul my nutrition and the result is not a single cheat meal in 23 days.

I am at about 250 now with 24% bodyfat, and I started at approx. 27%. The results have amazed me, and I am looking forward to the second month. Good luck to my competitors.

Thanks to all involved.

P.S. Charles: When do I start doing some snatches?? Hopefully soon…

Tony, you beat me to this. I wanted to write about my progress a couple days ago, but feared Julianne threats to beat me for doing anything without her approval.
I too have been working with Charles Staley for the past 23 days.
When I started Charles’s group, I had just come off a pretty hard core diet where I went from 16% BF 237 lbs to mid 13s% 235 lbs in 17 days. The diet was strict, the cardio insane, the lifting heavy, but the results were awesome. I didnt expect anything to come close to the results from the Cheater’s Diet.

Following Charles advice, I ate foods that made me feel good, but not too much. His motto is that any food will make you lose weight, if you eat too little of it.
My cardio has dropped from twice daily (HIIT in the morning / mod endurance in the evening on the Cheater’s Diet) to whenever I can fit it in with Charles (uphill walking on a treadmill for 20 min).
I lift every other day. I am always tired but never trashed when I walk out of the gym. AND, the lifts and protocols are fun.

When I started Charles’ program, I was around mid 13s% BF 238 lbs.
I just measured myself at 11.5% BF this morning 240.0lbs.
Needless to say, I was shocked.

I thought the regimine was going to be strictly an EDT routine. Though EDT was included, he mixed in a bunch of other protocols totally different from what you see on most of the articles on T-Nation. It was fun to absolutely mix up my routine.
The first month has been focused on working out muscular imbalances. I found a major imbalance in my hamstrings, which I am working to fix. It was like finding out you have an oil leak in your car before blowing up on the freeway. I am always sore in places I havent been sore in a long time, especially in the Quads, the back, and the shoulders.

As far as being part of the Staley Training group, I can honestly say that if you can afford it and are serious about getting in shape, then you NEED to join this group. Its always nice to see Charles respond to your questions directly. He offers video descriptions of the exercises. This is a really cool idea, because you get a very concentrated description of the move.
Plus, Charles’s group offers a ton of goodies. His members get hefty discounts for tons of exercise equipment / supplement companies (think some of the coolest stuff that has been T-jacked). And if they dont yet, just tell Julianne, and she will be on it within hours.
The best part is the conference calls. Last Wednesday, Lonnie Lowry was on chatting about his philosophies on diet, recovery, and lifting. And we could ask Lonnie questions directly. I read T-Nation like a religion. Here are the guys I read and follow everyday of my life on the other end of the phone. BTW, I love Lonnie’s idea of giving yourself recovery credits. And in case you miss the call, he archives them, so you can review all of these calls with all of your favorite Coaches. Thibadeau, Berardi, Dan John, and on and on. (im waiting for Coach Davies to come on, I think I would nut all over myself). He also holds weekly conference calls where you can directly ask him questions regarding your training, progress, whatever.

I am the type of person who tends to get analysis paralysis. I overthink and overthink and micro-nitpick issues to the point where I lose focus of the bigger picture. With Coach Staley, I think the biggest attribute is having someone else worry about that for you. I just have to get in the gym. I kick my ass while I am there, but I dont have to worry about whether it is time to move from OVT to ABBH to F2F to EDT. I work the program given to me, and reap the awesome results that I alone (at least in 5 years) have not been able to attain.

Sorry about this being long winded, but that has been an absolutely incredible experience. Please feel free to PM me or post here with any questions about the program. I cant give out specific information on exercise protocols or routines . . you have to pay Charles for those, but I can offer my opinion of this program.


Great job so far on your training! Keep up the great work.

I too am a member of Charles Coaching Group and it offers a lot. My favorite part is picking Charles brain a couple times a week. He has a way of conveying information in innovative ways.

Not to mention participating in the Guest Calls absolutely rocks! With guests like CT, CW, TC, CS, Dr. Eric Serrano, Tom Inchledon, Dan John, Pavel, and more I get to pick the brains of some of the greatest minds in the industry! Can’t beat this!

If you are a coach or a T-Man looking to get the most out of the training it would be wise for you to check out the Coaching Group.

Just my take on it!

Keep us posted on your training tizokey!

I’m glad you guys are doing so well. I’ll have to say that one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was joining Charles’ coaching group. From day one, I’ve never considered it an expense but an investment. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and the amount of no-nonsense training information I’ve received is priceless. I’ll have to join the praise of EDT as well having had some great results with it too.

Tonight at the gym, something awesome happened. One of the exercises that Charles has in his program is the Straight Arm DB Snatch. I have never seen this exercise done in a gym, ever. I had been doing it once a week since the beginning of the month. Everytime I would do the DB Snatches, people would stop what they were doing to watch me snatch. There was like a semi-circle around me watching me do these.
Tonight, which happened to be the night I did the DB Snatches, I walked out of the locker room, and I saw one of the trainers having two women probably 40 and 60 years old do the snatches. Possibly a coincidence, but since NOONE had EVER done these in this gym, I think other people were catching on. It was pretty cool.

I second the DB snatches-these things are intense but fun. I usually do these and people stop and watch. It almost looks like I’m trying to start a lawnmower. These are my new favorite exercises. I want to try some power snatches pretty soon and get some more what the deuce? looks.

[quote]jodgey wrote:
Tonight at the gym, something awesome happened. One of the exercises that Charles has in his program is the Straight Arm DB Snatch. I have never seen this exercise done in a gym, ever. I had been doing it once a week since the beginning of the month. Everytime I would do the DB Snatches, people would stop what they were doing to watch me snatch. There was like a semi-circle around me watching me do these.
Tonight, which happened to be the night I did the DB Snatches, I walked out of the locker room, and I saw one of the trainers having two women probably 40 and 60 years old do the snatches. Possibly a coincidence, but since NOONE had EVER done these in this gym, I think other people were catching on. It was pretty cool. [/quote]

I no longer workout in a gym but once when I was on vacation I had to workout at a “fitness center.” All machines, but fortunately they had DBs that went up to 60 lbs. When I started doing DB snatches, rather than staring, everyone tried to look away. You know how when you’re in the men’s room and you’re forced to use a urinal next to another guy, and you make sure you look STRAIGHT AHEAD, avoiding even the appearance that you might be glancing? That was the reaction I had.

I am so proud of both you guys…maybe Kyle will also post his progression. Just so everyone knows though I am not as mean as jodgey makes me out to be(lol).
If this is a consideration for you-wanting to get into a distance coaching program please do not hesitate to call me at 1-800-519-2492. It is not as expensive as you think-we have options to suit everyones budget and we will work with you to make it a reality. Keep watching and encouraging these guys.They deserve it as they are really working this to their advantage. Charles really has alot to teach if you are a willing participant-Julianne

Are the DB Snatches from a seated position like Davies does or are they from the floor? Can you explain what they look like I want to try them. Thanks

KFall here, first off, I’ve got to say great job to Tony and jodgey. Those kind of changes in 1 months time is amazing. My results are not so impressive. Nill would be more accurate. Although, I have been following Charles workouts to a T, that is about it. I have not taken advantage of any of the other resources, and have completely fallen off the map. To be honest, there is a lot going on in my life right now, and complete dedication and strict diet have not been one of them. More than anything right now I need to hook back into the Staley Training group and take advantage of Charles. Life has thrown me some harsh winds lately, and failed to adjust my sails. On a lighter(positive)parting note. I was in my gym the other day, and the days workout called for one arm snatches. Would you f@#$%^& believe it, a chick is in there doing one arm snatches, and I’m embarrassed thinking she’ll think I’m trying to immitate/hit on her. I mean let’s face it the move is THAT uncommon. Also I’m doing Charles’s leg workout today and some huge guy is doing the most beautiful snatches I’ve ever seen in real life. He compliments me on my form for my 13th set of pause squats and then tells me he took 3rd at the Highland strength games in Portland this year. Here’s the kicker he practices for this event in a park about 1500 ft. from my house and invites me down to practice with him this Friday at 1300.
I know I can check Google, but does anyone know who this guy might be? I was on cloud 9.

Julianne really isnt that bad. She is actually one of the coolest and generous people on this board.
Honestly, she and Charles have given away sooo much on this board, it is like they are starting their own T-jack forum. Julianne is there for us. I have heard her take questions directly to the source on the coaching calls when someone couldnt make the call. She gets on the ball immediately when someone wants a discount on a certain product. And she is always calling me to make sure I am keeping up with the program, and lighting a fire when I need one lit. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt painting her as mein furor.

(She made me say that or should would beat me up and take my lunch money)

ok now that that has been clarified and I no longer have to kick jodgey’s @%$ I guess I gotta give something away. Oh, I know… I have 5 guest call passes to give away for next week’s call On August 4th . This call will be excellent as we have ironminds own Randall Strossen-he knows everybody,is getting ready for yet another trip to the Olympics right after the call and Charles promises that this will be one of his best calls yet. This call will take place between 3:00 to 4:00 pst so only post here if you seriously want in on this call. I will do a random pick of 5 of you and choose on Monday-Julianne


Sounds like you hit the jackpot and life threw you a huge gift by meeting this guy. Stick to him like a leech and learn all you can. Even if he’s roiding, you don’t have to follow the same routine. Learn exercises and philosophy from him, and gain inspiration, focus and mental strength.

ok guys- now that you are going into the 2nd month of this I guess I gotta tell you and everyone else what the winners prize is going to be and here it is and Charles came up with a very generous prize:

  First Place: 1 more month in Coaching Group
A seat to our very last Boot Camp in Las Vegas . This will be the Ultimate  day  with Charles, Pavel, Dan Johns, Tom Incledon,Josh Henkin and Keats  Snideman. This takes place on Halloween and there will be plenty of tricks and treats.  

If you would like to know more about attending this event please call me @ 1-800-519-2492-Julianne

Now THAT is motivation.

Good luck Tony and Kyle, but I think I want this thing more.

You are sadly mistaken my friend. Let the games begin…

Julianne, I’d like to check out the call. Still thinking about doing the program. Re-reading these posts motivates me that much more to do it.


Another update on my progress so far-today is the 39th day into this contest for me and I have dropped to approximately 245 lbs from 270. My bodyfat went from 26.2% to around 19%!! Meaning: that my iliac skinfold thickness has gone from 36.5 mm to 18-19 mm. I have also put on around 2.5 lbs of muscle, which amazes me. I realize that this lifestyle change for me will be for the rest of my life, but the fact that my workouts are fun and challenge me is great too and that the preogress came so quickly is great. My diet has also been pretty good as well; a typical day is as follows:

Meal 1:
2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, poached/ 0.5 cup rolled oats with .125 cup of raisins/ 2 mugs of strong, mud-like coffee, black.
Macronutrient Breakdown: 32 g P/ 40-45 g C/ 13 g F

Meal 2:
2 scoops Low-Carb GROW! (sometimes an additional apple)
Macronutrient Breakdown: 40 g P/ 6 g C/4 g F

Meal 3:
Salmon Filet/ Cottage Cheese/Tomato
Macronutrient Breakdown: 54 g P/ 7 g C/ 11 g F

Meal 4: Surge
Macronutrient Breakdown: 25 g P/ 49 g C/ 2 g F

Meal 5: Salad with lettuce, avocado, chicken
Macronutrient Breakdown: 69 g P/ 8 g C/ 28 g F

Meal 6: 1 cup cottage cheese with 0.5 cup of blueberries
Macronutrient Breakdown: 32 g P/ 18 g C/ 4 g F

TOTALS: 2026kcal/ 248 g P/ 117g C/ 55 g F (approx. 23 g M/ 17 S/ 15 P)

This is a typical day, my meals are not at certain times of the day, as that, in my opinion, would be a little crazy, but I listen to myself and eat every 3 hours.

I substitute the healthy fats a lot: pistachios, mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, salmon, sunflower seeds, and flax. My ratios are usually the same though. I try to keep all the fats about a 1:1:1 ratio intuitively; I really don?t want to spend half my day weighing seeds.

Total calories is usually between 2000-2200.

That’s all she wrote. Good luck to Tim and Kyle and thanks to Coach Staley and Julianne for your help again. Any input is appreciated.

Way to go, tizokey! Keep up the good work. Do we get to see photos when you reach your goal?