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Team Staley: BARR Call Giveaway


Well, you all know who is going to be our guest call tomorrow here in Charles Staley land. None other than Dave Barr himself-although I hear in Vegas he goes by the name Candy Barr so I guess someone will have to ask him that question on the tomorrow call.... I am giving away 5 guest call passes and will cut this off tomorrow noon PST.

Yes, you have to call a long distance number, but this call like any of our guest calls-priceless! Have your PM's on so I can send you the info(number and code) if you win.

How do you win?- easy, post here and tell me how fabulous you are so that I pick you- what the hell, just post-Julianne


Forgot to mention- this call takes place 3-4 PM PST and yes, you can call if you are in Canada as well-J


What a Barrgain...

What is the call going to be about?

Here is why I would like to listen in:

(1) I love nutrition and training.
(2) I want to learn something new about pre and post workout nutrition from him and some of his thoughts about the new material coming in.

(3) I buy Biotest supplments exclusively except piracetam and the occasional times I need protein, now....

(4) Plus, I never have been on a call before.

(5) Sign me up scotty...

-Get Lifted


I have fabulous parts, does that count?


I just got off the phone with David and he dumped a lot of incredible supplement info on me, this is gonna be a good one...


Is is possible to Barr "Get Lifted" from the contest? He's been stalking me on the Prime Time thread, and last night he even brought up the fact that he's naked.

Frankly, the guy scares me. LOL


I think it would make the call much more interesting... maybe he knows about your "candy barr"gig-Jules


I am fabulous, and I want in.


I want to be in, pick me please :).


I think someone is emBARRassed to have someone runnin around Barr assed



I take pretty good notes! ...Or at least that's what the chocolate protein shake kept telling me. Bastard.


I want in!!!


CU, wait till I put barrettes in my hair and then Get Barre Naked. Will see if that scares him.

Until then,

CU, barrter your super charger or your sister and get your barr-oke ass A pass to this gym. (Yes, we are all barr-oke students but we are students with dreams damnit.)

Anyway, give me a call when you get that pass, I PMed you.

Candy Barr? where, where. I want one. Yumm, yummm choco-loco-tut.

-Get Lifted


Git-R-Done Lifted

I renewed my pass yesterday, I'll probably be in there about every day up until school starts or I get a job, or if I can think of somethin better to do with my life. Anyways, there's not a chance in hell I'd be selling the supercharger as I am not really broke (FREE COLLEGE IS GOOD!), although I might barter for my bratty sister.


I would like to talk to him. I am a beginner and would like a good coach to help me sift through the endless amounts of misinformation available out there for the lesser informed lifter. I would also like to hear a little training philosophy and dogma to motivate and inspire me.


Are you kidding?

Listening to Dave Barr for one freaking hour! That would be UnBARRable.

Why don't you just give away a 'Free Kick to the Balls' it would be less painful.

Just kidding. It should be great. I'll be listening in.




I keep forgetting about that frat house thing. Well, that's good you got a pass finally but it's half way through the summer. What were you thinking... At least you can still Barrter your sister for some supplement cash. You could probably get a couple bottles of Grow! for her and some Surge.

Maybe even some Grow! Barrs.

geeze when will it end.

I thought you were done with school or are you wanting to get something else? It would be cool if you worked on one of these bad boys... http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/f22/f222.html

-Get Lifted


I'd love to listen in. Trying to get my nutrition in order as I think it has been the missing link for 14 years of training.

I do strongman comps does that make me fantastic?




ok- check your PM's :
get lifted;stiffy7;mdragon;troymcclure: jersey5150

Make the call-Julianne