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Team Sabre - Attempted Arrest


This kid I give music lessons to gave me two oldish PC games, Delta Force Black Hawk Down and an add on Team Sabre. Usually kind of shoot em up from a few years back...you can be Delta or SAS etc etc.

Anywyay's I don't usually play PC games so I'm pretty much shit at it, but apparently this was the best selling PC game in the States some years back if I read rightly. Therefore if I'm stuck on a mission, someone here will have played it right...and be able to help me out ???

Its the mission called 'Attempted Arrest' on Team Sabre set in Columbia.

I'm not expecting many replies here though if any..


stig, i know a guy who can help. i'll put you in touch with him if you send me that sweet gold-top.





dammit doogie ! he was gonna go for it. i could feel it !


Its an Epiphone Elitist. I also have a Gibson Les Paul Studio but being an Elitist, the Gold Top is nicer. But I'm more a Strat man.


Thanks, I just tried the bit in the second link and I'm at a new bit.