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Team Powerlifting Competition

To generate some interest and excitement in PL , why not have a team version of it? Have 3 man teams, and contest the Squat, Bench Press and Two-Man Deadlift, the best man from each team takes his best shot at the single lifts and then the two best DL’ers tackle the Two-Man Deadlift. Imagine US vs. Great Britain in Team Powerlifting, or East Coast vs. West Coast, or Team Michigian vs. Team New York. This would be great at half time of football games ( or during pre-game) at civic events, fairs, etc.

No weight categories, just one open division.

I think the same concept could apply to WSM contests, have a team of 3, have some single events and some duo or multiple lifter events.

Just thinking outloud…


They already do it in strongman, it is very interesting. They do individual events and relays and thr two man deadlift.

The Mountaineer Cup is a team powerlifting competition.