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Team Insults

Alright Sports fans, here’s a chance to share your (immature) sense of humor! What are some of the insults that you or your city/team/school have for other teams? Here’s some of the insults I can think of off the top of my head for NFL teams: Green Bay FudgePackers, Tampon Bay Bucs, Cincinnati Bengwads/Bungles, Minnesota ViQueens, Dallas CowGirls, SF 69ers, New England Patsies / Pansies/Pussies, Detroit Kitties…For college football how about the Texas A&M Faggies, Tennessee Rocky Mountain Horror Picture SHow, etc etc. Let’s hear your homegrown insults folks!

heres a little joke us CU students have about nebraska: “what does the N on the huskers helmets stand for?–knowledge”

Considering that I’m a diehard Pats fan, Vinny Testaverde has been referred to as “Vinny Greenballs” for as long as I can remember. As a little aside, I have always loved Chris Berman’s nicknames for different players: Curtin “My Favorite” Martin, Eric “Sleeping with” Bienemy…

cres–cant forget ah-ah-ahman green, and mike “your in good hands with” alstott. he had a funny one a few weeks ago. barry “after dinner” minter

“Marshall,Marshall,Marshall” for Marshall Faulk is one I remember most from Berman.

Ummm…I would not be insulted to be called a 69er :wink:

This has nothing to do with a sports team, but there is a local community college here, Montgomery College, that has always been referred to as “MK.” I always thought that was funny.

(No offense intended towards anyone who goes to a community college)

Is the “MK” you’re talking about in Maryland? The Montgomery College there was always called “MC” when I was living in the area.