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Team Force Meeting Sept 23rd


Team Force, which is the powerlifting team that I coach, is having a meeting on Saturday, October 23rd at 1 pm. The location is Tyson's Fitness First in the aerobics studio. The topic of this meeting is how to prepare for a meet including tapering and what to expect day of, we will also be going over the rules. Our team is preparing for the 100% Raw single lift federation championships to be held in Norfolk, VA on Nov 6/7.

Anyone whom is interested in attending may attend, you do not have to be a Team Force member. If you are interested in attending please let me know so I can have the correct number of copies available.



I'm sure you mean Oct.23rd Tim? Best of luck with the event.


Yes, I am idiot, thanks for that. Sometimes lack of sleep does strange things to the brain (or maybe I am just wishing I had one more month to get ready?)


Or 11 :wink:? I hear you on the lack of sleep, Power Drive has been a good friend tonight. I'm sure you'll have a great turnout.