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Team Building/Quality Improvement Ideas?


Hi folks,

I work as a supervisor at an investment company and I've been tasked with coming up with another team quality improvement game/thing and I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas. Maybe something their company has done in the past.

I've already done a survivor type game and I want to stay away from the sports which is played out. Several years back we did American Idol which was a big hit.

I'm trying to come up with something a bit "outside the box". Something fun. The thing that pops in to my head is a scavenger hunt where my team members unlock clues by hitting quality/efficiency metrics for the week and eventually they'll find the gift check hidden around our campus.

I figure 100 heads is better than 1 so I'd appreciate any ideas.



Circle jerk.


Ookie Cookie, Key Party, "Who's in My Mouth", Good Ole Fashioned Fag Drag, "Guess the Nationality" using only ethnic stereotypes...I've got many more if you're interested


Cross-dressing contest, midget tossing and relay midget tossing.

What about ''Quote Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1'' week?


Winner take all.


Buy Trust Agents.


Battle Royale


I've always wanted to have this large ring built on the rear of the building where I work... Sort of a cross between a boxing ring and Thunderdome.

This is where any disagreements that are settled.

The bigger the dispute, the smaller the gloves get.

My managers didn't seem to like the idea.

Ftr, I despise the saying "Outside the box".


How many people are we talking about?

Average age?

Male to female ratio?

What area are you located?


Call these guys I have used them before...team building paintball with a bunch of executives not against each other but an opposing elite force, it was a BIG hit. They have LOTS of other options too. Very professional and thorough.



Jigsaw puzzles. Really, really complex puzzles with lots of pieces. Separate the team into equal groups, each gets a puzzle and a big table to work on it. They can only work on it at certain times. Two of those times are before work and after work or before the seminar starts and after it ends for the day - depending when and where you are doing this. Lunch and break times are other good times. It doesn't impact the productivity of the day, creates friendly competition and (wait for it) is a great team building exercise.


I ran some sesions for our team when it was new--took them all out into the woods with minimal equipment for an overnight camp, got them putting up shelters and lighting fires. The ones that survived seemed to quite enjoy themselves--we ate the others.


give everyone a raise.

EDIT: I am not joking.



"Hey guys, GREAT news!! Everyone was going to be laid off today. But, after multiple meetings and some evaluations, upper management has decided to keep almost everybody on, until further notice!!"

"Bottled water for everyone!!!!"


Atlas stones.


Strip Poker. Cock fighting. One legged ass kicking contest. Wait what the fuck are we talking about?


What's the purpose of the training?

Team building is so general. Are you trying to create cohesion, get them strategise better, learn to think about outside elements affecting their markets, what?

Then you design a program suited to the goal you want. Else it just becomes a day out of the office.

Also there should be take home points/action items/momentos that they can keep reminding them of the "emotion" of the event.

There are books on Team Building games but it all starts with what the goal is. Ours have ranged from splitting them into teams and playing games, to putting together presentations on zany products, to trading games using interesting commodities, to more deep rooted stuff discussing what their greatest achievement was, what they aspire to do etc.

Don't forget to add an ice breaker task to ease them into the day.


I should have probably asked my question better. This is less of a team building thing as it is a game to get people's quality to improve.

For instance, last go around I did a football game where everyone got to name their own team and then match up each week against another team. They were given touchdowns and field goals for hitting certain milestones with their quality and efficiency numbers. They were also given the chance for extra points.

What I'm looking for is a good idea for a theme for a similar type game. I did a pretty cool Survivor theme once....the team next to ours is doing "Spring in to Quality" (lame)

Maybe a boardgame like Monopoly or an old school Gameshow would work. Hmmmmm Double Dare physical challenges could be interesting.


I like the monopoly theme, maybe something along the lines of Risk (the board game, tough decision man, good luck


Try this- Gather up the group and explain the goal to them. Lay out the weak points with emphasis on where they can improve, then individually focus some time and effort on those points with the people who need it.

At the end of the given time period designated for improvement, fire who ever refuses to implement the corrective training.

Then take the ones who are still employed out for some paint ball and dinner.

I know it isn't very outside the box, but I just ain't very creative.