Team America

This movie was the most obscene, crude, vulgar, and over-the-top disgusting film I have ever seen…

(wait for it!)

…and I hurt my face laughing. You’ve GOT to laugh out loud, because it’s so over the top you start feeling grossed-out, and then you suddenly remind yourself “OMG! They’re PUPPETS!”

The details on the sets are amazing to see, and the attempts to have the marionettes move during scenes the way humans would–such as the way they glance at each other during an emotional moment–is a great touch.

And the music! Kim Jong Il singing “I’m So Wonewy” is hilarious! And remember: “Freedom Isn’t Free” (in fact, it apparently costs $1.05).

If you haven’t seen it yet, get out there and check it out!

(There. Had to get that off my chest.)

Saw it, dug it immensly,

I sing the theme song to my girlfriend on occasion to get her to laugh.

How about Gary’s level of dedication to the team? Trey and Matt went over the top on that one, but damn it was funny.

The puppet love scene was out of control too, definitely a must see for any south park fans.

I saw it about 2 weeks ago. I laughed and then I started to choke. I kept choking and then I puked. That is right…I puked. So, Team America will always remind me of the time I laughed so hard I puked. Take that for what you will.

ha ha that’s quite the story tiffy. I haven’t seen Team America yet but I definitely will. Did anyone else watch Fireball XL5 back in the day?

tiffy: that’s a wild story!

BradTGIF: as for Gary’s devotion to the team…we KNOW that Parker & Stone actually wound up cutting scenes that were TOO outrageous; don’t you think they originally had a scene in which Gary stands up again and has some goo on his lips? I was prepared to be totally grossed out, but then was disappointed because they apparently left out an obvious touch. But I’ll bet there’s a “Director’s Cut” DVD in the making.

After watching the movie I am proud to stand up and say “I’m a dick!” I explained that philosophy of the three types of people to a pretty smart political scientist, but didn’t tell him it was from the movie. He thought it was great!

just saw this movie yesterday…

Team America: World Police kicks ass!