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Teaching the Power Clean


Hi guys,

I recently started taking a friend of mine to the gym and got him started on Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. I've used it myself for a while and I'm currently using a slightly modified version for my own training. Anyway He's doing really well with everything except for the powerclean.

I took another look at the Starting Strength book and Ripptoe has a lot of helpful tips but he doesn't really go over the "landing" of the movement much other than saying the trainee should "stomp." I've explained this to my friend but it seems like a better cue is going to be needed to help him figure it out.

I don't have access to a camera or anything so I'll try to explain what his problem is in words as best I can. Basically he lands on the front of his feet rather than his whole foot and lands with his knees forward as opposed to keeping his shins relatively straight and shoving his hips back. When I tell him to focus on the stomp and put his hips back he loses his balance and has to step back. He also finds landing on his whole foot to be a strange concept to grasp.

Anyway I hope that's enough information for you guys to help me help him out. I don't know if this is just a mental thing or if there is a muscle imbalance or what. I just know that we're both getting a little frustrated with how to get him to figure this out.

Thanks in advance, all help is appreciated. :slight_smile: