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Teaching Myself to DL - Form Help

Injured my back pretty bad 3 years ago and never had the balls to try deads until this point. Today was the third time in my life I’ve done them with a straight bar. Please help me refine my form.

6 feet tall
195 pounds
Training for +/- four and a half years

On the bar for the double I have 205 pounds (didn’t want to just throw around bumper plates with strict technique - wanted to have enough weight to bring out any possible flaws while staying light enough to be safe for it being only my third session of DL ever…)

The picture is bar position when I set up, feet are hip width, hands are shoulder width - both pronated.

Really appreciate it guys!

Looks like the video didn’t get attached… let’s try this again

Edit well apparently it did, sorry for double post… also sorry for any broken necks attempting to view the video

Thanks again guys!

Definetely change those shoes, something with a low, hard sole(chuck taylors or olympic lifting shoes comes first to mind).When raising the bar, push through your heels and imagine that your are doing 2 motions: one vertical and one horizontal. Also, imagine pulling yourself under the bar and not the bar up. That is what I had to give you. More experienced lifters will probably give you better advice. Good luck :slight_smile: