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Teaching Deadlift to Beginner

whats the best way to teach my 14 yr old

start really low in weight, obviously. Then use the usual cues. I always found these two videos very helpful:

With any luck it will actually easier to teach him than an adult since he should be more flexible and a better learner.

[quote]phatphit wrote:
whats the best way to teach my 14 yr old son to deadlift??? i dont have a trap bar.[/quote]
If he has the flexibility and strength to do a dozen or so good, unweighted squats and lunges, and has the core strength to hold a good plank (top push-up position) for 20-ish seconds, I’d start with something like a potato sack squat. It’s a Dan John fave.

Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to train at a gym that has light bumper plates so you could start with the bar plus two 45-pound-sized plates that weighs only 65-75 pounds total.

In either case, I’d start with multiple sets of 3-6 reps (making each one count), with muscular failure to be avoided at all costs. And, certainly, train them within the context of a well-designed routine that trains everything else.

thank you

[quote]phatphit wrote:
whats the best way to teach my 14 yr old son to deadlift??? [/quote]

I bought this one after reading a Wendler’s article here.
Def a must have


Get Cressey and Robertson’s Magnificent Mobility. It’s still a fantastic corrective exercise tool and will take care of the most difficult issues you will have to deal with. Mobility and posterior chain strength.

That will fix the CAN he deadlift. Then you just need to show him HOW. Anything that focuses just on the form of the deadlift itself requires the individual be up to a certain level of posterior chain strength and mobility otherwise it is an extremely inefficient way to learn. This is because alot what look to be form issues are really corrective exercise fixes.

[quote]phatphit wrote:
whats the best way to teach my 14 yr old son to deadlift??? i dont have a trap bar.[/quote]

The only people that should be teaching a youth to correctly perform a deadlift at this age is a trained coach/ personal trainer. Are you a coach or personal trainer? and I’m guessing your not otherwise you would not be here seeking advice from random strangers … if not then hire one for 4-5 sessions, observe what the trainer is teaching your son take notes and ask questions,even video the sessions if necessary. Then you will be on your way to helping your son. I have seen 00’s of fathers screw up their kids trying to be the guy training them for football, basketball and baseball seasons… (usually the same guys are screwing up a lot of the kids in the school weight room as well) DON’T BE THAT GUY… do your son a huge favor and get him some professional tuition in thee complicated lifts… at 14 years old there are so many things that you can screw up for your boys lifting future. A few hundred dollars now will save thousands down the track in operations if or when you screw up your kids structural integrity because you didn’t know what you were doing.

I agree with above, only issue is it takes some decent knowledge to know whether or not someone has knowledge. I would honestly put faith in this board over most trainers even those with a CSCS.

Being in Jersey we can send you in the right direction though.