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Teacher's Moving Poem (Awesome!)


Hell yes.



Damn, I miss teaching. I was the Phys. Ed. teacher (it isn’t “gym”) who gave homework and tests, had the kids carrying around sacks of dog food and cat litter strongman-style, and taught them flag football in the parking lot.

Great find, Derek.

On a side note, is it just me, or is this dude the spitting image of Dan John minus another 20-30 pounds? No coincidence, I’m sure.

Great stuff.

Here is a link to the poem in written form.


Definitely beautiful.

I read it for my girlfriend, a teacher. I sort of choked up, especially before the poignant funny lines.

I guess that sometimes even lawyers get choked up.

That was great. I have several friends that teach. I forward them a link to check it out.

Thanks for posting.

[quote]Loose Tool wrote:
Definitely beautiful.

Well done. I see you are a former student.


That was great! You go, man!