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Teacher Suspended for Anti-Gay Marriage Post


Another Gay Marriage Thread

Teach of the year getting kicked out for religious beliefs? violation of first amendment rights? Or just unacceptable behavior for a teacher?

Should they not then get rid of teachers that support gay marriage in order?


If I were a teacher I'd keep my personal and political views off a social network where people can see them. What if this person had posted racist or sexist views. Or pictures of themselves drunk and/or stoned? Nothing to do with ideology, just professionalism. I would have no problem with teachers who do not believe in gay marriage, and I doubt many people would, but they do not have to broadcast that fact where other people know it

inb4 overly 'liberal' media.


Is being stupid a constitutionally protected right?

There is NO one; especially a teacher; who is not aware of the mindfield that Social Media is. It's no more "private" than a public square. And I can think of VERY few people who don't know by now that what you say there can not only cause you to lose a job, but prevent you from being hired for one.

You post it, you own it.



I think it was in poor taste if he did have Facebook friends who were students, but he shouldn't be suspended for it.


The Scarlet 'H.' Doesn't he know he should be planning out a condom demostration. Or, agitating for the inclusion of homo and transgender themes. Knock off the controversial stuff, dude.


So what if a teacher posted a message that called people who don't believe in gay marriage bigots? Or homophobes? Should they be suspended? Would they be?


I think posting stupid stuff actually is a constitutionally protected right.

That might have its drawbacks.


Once again we are seeing the ramifications of political correctness. It doesn't matter if the topic is homosexuality, or certain words that one is NEVER supposed to say. It's obvious that freedom of speech is slowly but surely eroding?


A big stinky red herring. If he'd stood up on a street corner or in a coffee shop and shouted at the top of his lungs "I think gay marriage is a bad idea and it makes me want to vomit." Even if he knew some/all of his students might be there, he shouldn't be suspended/fired. Otherwise, shouldn't we rake all the teachers who made jokes about W or our involvement in the Middle East over the coals?

I'm not entirely sure administrators should be allowed to undertake this response to this sort of action on behalf of the students/parents without their consent. As long as he wasn't posting to his Facebook page during class or forcing students to go to it to get their homework or something, he's not teaching them, and certainly not teaching them anything wrong. Certainly the schoolboard/administration is sending the message to their teachers, parents, and students about any independent thought and speaking your mind in any way anywhere at any time.


Guys...you're arguing the way things "should" be...and I'm telling you the way they are.

Go ahead..."take a stand" (Personally? Ranting about gays, or blacks, to women, or W is neither here nor there...all it takes is some key strokes).

But if ranting on Social Media is more important to you than your employment, I say go for it.



Always and in spades:

Here in IL, because the Catholic church won't adopt children to same sex couples, the Guvna, rather than actually solving the problem (say...prorated to adoptions), has decided to make a political statement. Given solvency and fiscal responsibility of the Church (not to mention fewer employee entitlements) I'd rather have them adopting kids than the State. The best part is in the Catholics/homosexuals/taxpayers/orphans mileu, the Guvna managed to make a decision that screws Catholics, taxpayers, and orphans.

Aren't these the same progressives that say we should've had a greater appreciation for Native Americans' way of life rather than forbidding and descirating their religious practices, killing them, and taking their land?


"So what if a teacher posted a message that called people who don't believe in gay marriage bigots? Or homophobes?"

Would you agree that the hate speech of calling someone a homophobe or a bigot for disagreeing with you should be equally frowned upon?

I think the religious issue plays into it too. The guy sounds like he feels he has the honest moral religious obligation to take a stand against it. Shouldn't we consider he is getting fired for following his religious beliefs? How far do those protections go?


What do I think?

1) He was wrongfully terminated.

2) He was stupid to post it on Social Media, with student and faculty "friends", in the first place.





It is more ironic to not that it is the same progressives that push everyone in the direction of "tolerance". They are the most intolerant people around.


Its scary that people can get fired for having an opinion on a matter, even when the opinion is utterly stupid
as in this case.





Not sure how it is even wrong for this man to express this opinion in "public." It is a private opinion, it doesn't matter if he says it in "public" or not. The State is not enforcing his opinion, his students don't have to accept this teaching.

I'm just going to guess people really don't actually understand what the word "tolerance" is. It doesn't mean we can't say what is right or wrong, it means that if someone has the freedom to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others' viewpoints.


You're absolutely right. The way things are is that private schools can attract the best teachers by paying them to teach while public schools are paying premiums for sub-par employees to micro-manage. The public education system is aborting itself. It probably should be done away with.

I'd prefer not to support with tax dollars any institution that pays administrators to monitor 'laborers' based on social media. Whomever was on the other end of the phone line should've had the brains to hang up the phone, but like a good sheep, they 'did their job' to the letter. The man was suspended over a rumor no one should fear losing their job over a rumor.

But, you're right in that ranting on the internet isn't going to change a thing.


I agree on much of what you wrote, but in the class room its important that the teacher strives to be as objective as possible and if she or he absolutly must share theire wiew point on a subject, they should tell there students that this is not a fact, but there own
subjective opinion.