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Teacher Punches Student



I have to side with the teacher and the courts on this one.


That kid is a douche.


I don't know man. While what he said was fucked up, he was just trying to intimidate her. He had no intention of hitting her, 'cause if he did it would've happened by the time she took a swing. And, he didn't hit her back when he easily could've. She completely overreacted, and I can pretty much guarantee that they had been "at eachother" throughout the year. Being a teacher [or any position of authority] doesn't make one immune to natural human feelings, and it's pretty clear that there was a mutual dislike there. That may be an isolated incident, but we now know she's capable of pretty irrational behavior.


Fucking good for her. Watching that video made my blood boil. The student should be charged with assault.


No. Threatening and intimidating behavior like that is completely unacceptable and the kid got what he deserved. That kid needs a beat down.

If anyone ever gets that close to me, in an aggressive situation, and they have, they will always get beaten back into a position that is safe for me.


If kids like this aren't beaten thoroughly at a young age, they'll grow up and won't change a bit. The parents should be the ones doing the beating, but sometimes the school has to step in and do their job for them.


Kids are assholes.



I would probably agree that she overreacted in a different circumstance, but he backed her up against a door and at that point all bets are off, IMO. I think it should be pretty well expected that a small person being backed into a corner by a big person will react violently.


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If I was in that room, and seen such disrespect of a woman. Even without physical contact from him I would have bull rushed him and put him up against the wall for merely disrespect of a woman and disrespect for his elders.

There is no room for such disrespect, I don't care that she's a teacher or in a position of authority, the fact that she is a woman is reason enough.


Where I come from the kid's behavior legally constitutes assault (as far as I can tell given the poor video quality). He continued to advance on her physically despite her demands that he not do so, while displaying aggressive body language and verbals. Given the size difference he would be more than capable of doing her great physical harm if he intended. She had reasonable grounds to fear for her safety and so was justified in using an appropriate level of force to protect herself. She did not continue to strike him after he stopped advancing, so her response was proportional to the threat.

Regarding her "irrational" behavior (as per WF's Post), if anything she should have hit him sooner IMO. He was waaay too close and way to aggressive for her safety. One punch or even a hard shove from that kid could have done her significant injury given the size and age differences. Furthermore she had nowhere to retreat to. Just because he hadn't done anything by the time she took a swing in no way guarantees he wasn't working up to it. She was afraid and had good reason to be. Indeed, teachers are not "immune to natural human feelings", nor should they be expected to be.

I, for one, am glad to see this woman will not be criminally charged, and just hope that her school district will continue to stand behind her professionally.


Sir Galahad has spoken.



I can't see how any reasonable person doesn't think that kids actions were BLATANTLY THREATENING to her. He was trying to intimidate her and he was backing her against a wall.

I'm with her on this one.


Students bullying or intimidating teachers is not that uncommon and, I think, stems from inadequate implementation of behavior policies and discipline. What kid would think verbally assaulting a teacher and physically intimidating is okay as long as they do not touch them? Probably a kid who gets in trouble regularly and does not receive consistent discipline.


That article nearly made me happy. We still don't know if she's getting her pay back from when she couldn't teach. We don't know if that kid will be charged with assault. All too often, administration will side with the student's parents to avoid lawsuits regardless of rightness or wrongness.

Granted, she won the criminal case, but the parents of that monster can still bring it to civil court I believe which if they wave that in front of school administration enough, they might get there way with the school's investigation and get the woman fired.


The teacher should be fired.

Just kidding. What a cunt of a kid. No worries, he'll be in fucking jail soon getting ass-raped.


Nice reference.


One whose parents don't give a shit if their kid gets in trouble?


As a NYC teacher I can say that most people wouldn't believe the disrespect that kids these days show educators (or any elder for that matter). One of the younger female teachers I work with was reduced to tears last week and had to step outside her classroom (she's been teaching for a while now, so it's not like she's new) and compose herself. Another teacher, about 10 years in quit this year within the first week of classes with the expected 'I don't need this shit' comments amidst tears and sobs. I believe I'm a very patient man, but there are definitely a few kids in my classes that if I didn't honestly and truly need this job, and the legal system wasn't what it was (you know what I mean) I would love to just 'explain' to them how the world really works when you mouth off to someone who can physically put you in your place without fear of getting into legal trouble.

With that said, I don't see how anyone could view that video and not think that the kid wasn't using his size to intimidate the woman in a threatening manner.