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Teacher Fights Back


Teacher, Student Trade Blows After Spat
By Associated Press
Fri Sep 14, 9:45 PM

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - A teacher and a 14-year-old student were arrested after trading blows during an argument over taking out trash at the desert's Riverside County Community School.

Teacher Thomas Silva, 61, was arrested and booked for investigation of willful cruelty to a child, while the teenager was arrested for battery on a school employee, Sgt. Mitch Spike said Thursday. Both were released.

"Neither one of their actions were justified," the sergeant said.

Silva, who wasn't available for comment, has worked for the Riverside County Office of Education since 1979, spokesman Rick Peoples said, adding he was unable to discuss the incident because it was a personnel matter.

At about 11:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Silva asked the student to throw out the trash and the teen refused, Spike said. They argued and the student shoved Silva, who then slapped the student, the sergeant said.

The student then slapped the teacher and the teacher punched the student at least three times in the head, Spike said.

No medical attention was needed.

Peoples said the school serves about 40 students, who are in the seventh through 12 grades. The students include those who have been expelled from other schools, are on probation or have other problems.

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I hope he cold-cocked the little prick!


Bring back the Old School!


Sounds justified to me.


The little jerk off deserved it!


I have a 14 year old son. I am now once again very thankful for the person he is. I have never had to strike him save a swat on his behind when he was younger. This boy sounds like he needs some parenting.


The kid shoved the teacher first and they arrested both of them? What a load of shit.

I used to be a law and order type guy but the poor judgement shown by cops is unreal.

The cop that made that arrest should be fired. How do we tolerate this shit from our public servants?


Ahh yes the days of smacking students. I remember this incident in geomitry whith a punk kid and my football coach ahh the fun. Too bad this guy will lose his job and nothing will happen to the kid.


Replace the "teacher" with my girlfriend, and relace the "student" with me, and the same story happens every week at my house. Fucking Trash


There is more to the story, right?


The teacher is in the wrong: "The student then slapped the teacher and the teacher punched the student at least three times in the head, Spike said."


Way to back up your point there.



Yeah, this is bullshit.

My cousin works in a high school in New York where kids are entered into the school through metal detectors, fights happen every period, and their security guards are armed NYPD officers. Teachers get attacked fairly often and they get arrested if they do anything more than hold their hands up to defend themselves.

TC for president! I mean, dictator.


As much as i love the idea of a 61 y/o man punchin the shit out of a 14 y/o punk kid, the teacher should have just got the kid arrested for assult. Now after 20 something years of teaching his teaching future is in jeapordy. STUPID !!!!!!


It's gonna' sound bad to admit this, but when I was in grade school and jr. High school, corporal punishment was allowed and used. I tasted the ruler of the penguins (Nuns, who literally believed in "beating the devil out of" unruly children) and the hole drilled ping pong paddle of the big black ex-football player principal. My senior high school principal (a WW2 & Korean war vet with black horn-rimmed glasses and flattop haircut) was known to pack a .45 Cal Government Model pistol. Never had problems like this...Never thought I'd look back on these things as the "good old days", and a few good whacks helped more than hurt in the long run ("Spare the rod")...


It's the principals fault. He didn't put the "pal" in principal throughout the school. If he did, they would all be frends.


I'm a teacher, and I hope they hang that old teacher up to dry. He made the more violent reactions, probably out of fear. And if you fear your students, you shouldn't be their fucking teacher. And I've taught at schools where violence is the norm.


Don't assume it was fear, more likely it was domination to deter another attack...


so it was fear then


Okay. I've never taught, but I've seen some pretty big 14 year olds and have been harassed by "teens" even though I'm above average in height/size at 21.

My experience has been that if you don't establish dominance and reciprocate by escalating, they will not back down. They will go Lord of the Flies on you. Maybe you cannot justify his reaction due to it being a teaching environment, but usually that is the right reaction.


Not what I said and you know it. Domination removes the threat with no doubt, generally known as a "knockout" in western boxing...(after all, he could have achieved domination by simply killing him, and he did not do that. Not all agression is negative. Please dont say you were serious, you dont strike me as stupid)...