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Teach Me How to Snuggie


Hey guys, if you don't mind and have a facebook can you go to the link below


and just hit the like button. It's publicly posted and we need as many likes as we can get to win a 50 inch tv from our apartment complex.

I know the video is extremely gay and emasculating, but you know you'd do it too for a 50 inch tv. Adding I'm in college and am poor.

Thanks in advance if you help out.


A man should not emasculate himself for riches, females, job advancement, flat screen t.v.'s etc.


That was actually decent.


I like this one


...and if you're going to do it anyway, don't admit to it. Just say its awesome.

Somebody might be like "Your video was gay". Then you respond, "No its not. In fact you're gay for projecting your latent homosexual desires onto my video". End of story.


damnit man you can't post that, it creates a vacuum in the productivity around me for around 15 minutes.


The panda is a quality animal.


Not bad actually, I lol'd.


there are already "Teach Me How to Snuggie" videos on youtube from over 5 months ago