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Teach Me About The Art of Creatine


For years the joy of creatine has been a part of my life, but I recently bought a tub of creatine powder and I was wondering, how do I make it so that it doesn't feel like the minions of hell are doing their unholy macarena on my tastebuds? I can only drink it at sips at a time because anything more than that makes me throw up. Should I go back to pills or what?


Are you sure you are ready to learn this art grasshopper? If so, I will share with you the divine secret......... Surge, young man, throw it in your Surge! This will alleviate any unpleasant reaction on your tender taste-buds. (available in the T-Nation store).



Really? I just threw a teaspoon of the powder in my mouth and washed it down with water 5 min ago. No creatine powder I've ever used has any taste to it at all.

BCAAs, now that's another story. The only BCAA powder I've ever tried tasted like monkey shit rolled through some vomit with a little ammonia thrown on top.


I've never used a creatine monohydrate powder that had a taste. I've taken it straight up with a swig of water or mixed in my Surge. No problems.


Odd. I guess it must be the water then. And the Surge sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the advice.


Agreed, I've never had a problem with taking monohydrate.

I too throw it into my Surge. Doesn't taste any different, and the insulin spike from the Surge does wonder in absorption of the creatine.


Creatine and milk at the same time is fine right? Would it ruin the creatine?


That is fine.


Are you talking about creatine ethyl ester? Its not monohydrate and it tastes like swallowing cleaning solvent.

When I first tried it a year ago I vomited in my kitchen. Then I began mixing it with teas, and now after a year I can take it straight with even warm water, tho occasionally you can get a little gagging if your mind is not clear.

Tip, position your tongue to have as little contact with the stuff as possible to reduce taste sensation. I concentrate very hard, take a slug, take a breath, take a slug, take a breath, until its gone.

Another tip, mix is with less water so you have to drink less. yes, it will be a higher concentrate, but i think its better to get it over with quickly. Then chug water afterwards to get the right ratio of mixing in your stomach.


Or mix it with dextrose or something for the insulin spike if you're not going to use Surge. Will also mask the flavour...


Its monohydrate. Unless vitaminshoppe is lying to me.


Is it fruit punch flavored or something? my cheap kroger creatine is fruit punch (kind with the sugar added) and tastes bad. I just chug it down, generally.


Vitamin Shoppe 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate


actually I just bought some of that today (switching from shitty six star).