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Teach Me About Bridging


Let me start off with I am not planning on doing a cycle right now. Only trying to learn as much as possible in the years I have before I do go on.

I have a pretty good knowledge base, and have been researching steroids/other performance enhancers for a few years. I know a lot of the top powerlifters cruise and blast, but I was reading some stuff about bridging with orals.

For example, cycle ends, and some people dislike serms due to their side effects. I have even seen some write they would rather deal with the shutdown and recover slower than deal with serm sides.... So rather than traditional PCT, or staying on a low dose, say 250mg test e per week, I have read about people bridging between cycles with 10mg/day of an oral like dbol.

Supposedly from what I have read, this is low enough that the HPTA is able to recover, but keeps androgen levels high, and prevents a crash, so the gains you made on cycle are kept, but recovery is still allowed.

Some have written about including HCG during this time as well.

What do you guys think of this? Might provide an alternative to year round injections for those who never want to go off totally....


10mg per day is enough to keep you shut down. Recovery won't happen if you're still shut down.


The Dbol bridge does not work IMO. But if you search for Bill Roberts' posts on bridging, you should find a wealth of information.


Thanks guys. Yeah I was wondering because from what I found the testes naturally produced about 7mg a day, so if you are taking in 10mg of an AAS I wasn't sure how you would recover.

Thanks Rational Gaze, I will look that up.


Oh, I thought I saw somewhere the average equivalent for a young, healthy male 17-23years of age was around a total of 37mgs a day... Is this number closer or is 7mg a day? I remember reading somewhere that Ziegler said 10mgs of dianabol a day was enough to provide full androgen replacement; but this is also taking into account its anabolism/androgenocity...


This is flawed logic.