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Tea Party Organizer Is Epitome Of Privilege


Bill Moyers has an interesting perspective on the "Tea Party" origins, their backing, and the hypocrisy of Dick Armey Tea Party organizer and primary financial backer.


Our country will lose a lot when we lose the insights and commentary of Bill Moyers, Bob Schieffer and Jeff Greenfield.

Thanks for the link, Pete.



Two things (among many) that had my head exploding:

1) The woman wanting the Government out of her Life (but not her Social Social Security and Medicare)...

2) I ALWAYS cringe when someone says I want to "take my Country Back..."

Sounds good...sounds patriotic...but

1) When and where was this "sweet spot" of America that we will take it back to?''

2) When was the time that Government was "just right"? ( No special interest; Not too big; not intrusive; weak...pre- "Robber Barrons"? Other?).

Again...this is not in support of Huge, Wasteful government; but its also not in support of any Government Intervention whatsoever.



I believe I can explain it rather succintly. Dump the entitlements.


Fixed that for ya.


No; you didn't "fix" anything...

I don't agree.

Moyer is a good example, actually. He admits being VERY idealistic when he began reporting and arrived in Washington; but to call him "left" or "right", especially when you look at his body of work, simply isn't true.

However; if your barometer's are Beck and Limbaugh? Then he is "left".



What's the point, anyways? Those aren't cardboard cutouts at these gatherings.


None of the aforementioned did much more than act like media lapdogs last Presidential election. All journalists are 'idealistic'-- the good ones report facts despite their biases.

Moyers body of work? Press Secretary for LBJ, Stints at PBS and CBS. He is the poster child for liberal bias in reporting. Hell, Moyer make Daniel Schorr look 'moderate'.

I've never really listened to and have not even heard a Limbaugh broadcast since Clinton was in office. Believe it or not I've never heard a Beck broadcast, except for an exerpt here and there given his popularity of late. I'm not much for talking heads.

Moyer is a big supporter of "Big Government"-- he makes no bones about it. He ardently supports the very institution that votes themselves the creme de la creme of benefit plans, fringe benefits, and power-- and that breeds corruption.

I'm not saying there isn't a 'rat-like' quality to Dick Armey, but Moyer seems to make a big deal out an elected official who partakes in the benefits afforded to elected officials as bequeathed by elected officials.

Typical of a Moyers' piece, of course they find the fringe elements to represent the whole protest. It's cheap.


Smart man. You see through the BS.


Pointing out hypocrisy may be "BS" in your World, Gregus..but not in mine.

And hypocrisy was what Moyer was pointing out in the piece.

Rest assured that the "right" AND "left" have plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

I'm sure there are plenty of people who stop at Mickey D's for a sausage buiscuit before their PETA rally...just like I'm SURE that there are a significant number of people at these "Tea Parties" and rallies whom have been at the tit of Government their whole lives.

Dick Armey is as much of a hypocrite as Pelosi...and these "Family Values" guys hire as many hookers, spluge lobbyist and support Brazillan Mistresses as much as (if not more than) Barney Frank has had "boy toys" over the years.



I always find it interesting that people on the right are quick to point out how the government cannot do anything right, then turn around and proclaim the global dominance of the US Military, or beg and plead to be voted into office. When you hear a politician say the government can do nothing right, ask yourself where that person works, and whether they have any control over policy.

What Moyer found is what was at the Fox, Beck, and Freedom Works supported anit-Obama rally was exactly what was at that rally.....whack jobs on the right that are educated by Fox talking heads and extremely biased and out of touch with reality. The fact is; if you get your news from Fox, you are misinformed.

All of the footage I saw of the protesters contained exactly the same mentality. Since you made the accusation the footage was "fringe elements," I expect you to be able to provide footage of equal or grater coverage where the protest and or protesters are more down to earth.

I look forward to seeing this footage and viewing it with an open mind.


The problem that I find is that the people on the right are fine with their hypocrisy. They actually enjoy using it to their advantage.

They are against single payer health care reform, but if their house catches on fire they are calling the fire department. If their is broken into, they call the police. They need a book...to the library they go.

The hypocrisy so rampant it is beyond the capacity of the English language to properly define it within this post. How about a picture of typical hypocrisy that is being expressed by the bible thumping right currently in the debate over gay marriage.


Great points in this post.

And of course, the ever objective Moyer has done pieces on Frank, Pelosi, and other Dem Big Government pushers and their corporate and special interest backers? No? Also, he's done pieces on the trillions and trillions of wasted dollars and corruption in failing(ed) 'Great Society' government programs (that he helped promote)? No?

I... can't... seem... to... find... them... Where are they? Wouldn't a truly objective journalist have some semblance of a 'neutral' portfolio?


You have no idea who the right is.

If you mean the anarchist libertarian, they'd laugh at you. They'd point out that they're FORCED to rely on government monopolies, such as the fire department.

If you mean Conservatives, do you know what subsidiarism is?


Looters always think its okay to loot someone else when they get benefits. Never realizing that someday THEY will be the looted, they vote continually for big government and more spending.

Of course, just as the purse snatcher get overwhelmed by the mugger, and the mugger gets overwhelmed by the murderer, our government and society descend into hell...all led by the 'good intentions' of those who want 'nothing for themselves'.

Obama and his crew are the current festering nest of maggots feasting on a rotting corpse.


You've never seen this typed by my hands.


Can you please provide examples of Pelosi or other big govt. pushers and special interest backers that have even come close to the persuasion of the 912 & or tea bag protests, which were by the way promoted by Fox and Dick Armey? In order for Bill Moyers not to have covered it, such an event had to have happened since you made the accusation Bill failed to cover it.

You seem to come up with a great deal of conclusions, but do not provide any sources. Can you even provide Fox news covering Pelosi for "big govt. pushers?" We are not talking about the CIA torture episode. Specifically what you attacked Bill Moyers for above.


"....And of course, the ever objective Moyer has done pieces on Frank, Pelosi, and other Dem Big Government pushers and their corporate and special interest backers? No? Also, he's done pieces on the trillions and trillions of wasted dollars and corruption in failing(ed) 'Great Society' government programs (that he helped promote)? No?...

I... can't... seem... to... find... them... Where are they? Wouldn't a truly objective journalist have some semblance of a 'neutral' portfolio?..."

C'mon, D...

Even in the "YouTube/Wiki" world...you will not find all that this man (Moyer) has written and provided commentary on. It covers literally HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of topics...from Religion and politics...and from philosophy to Sports.

To say that he is a pusher of Big Government and has NEVER written or spoken out on its excesses, simply because you can't find it, is a little arrogant.



You wrote:

which implies you are familiar with his body of work. Within that body of work to which you are familiar and used as an example, I would challenge you to offer a subject that proves my claim wrong.

It's not hard to find pieces done by people and quotes by people. It's exactly his portfolio since his days with LBJ forward that paints the picture of who he is, what defines his politics, and how he reports. Again, we're not talking some obscure journalist here, Bill Moyers is the prototype liberal, enough that he was the mouthpiece for LBJ! You'd think that if there was just an ounce of objectivity in his works it would stand out with flying colors.

"Arrogant" is a little rough. Maybe, just maybe it's hard to find Moyers not unquestionably supporting big government (or, investigating waste, cost-to-benefit, etc.) because it simply does not exist.

You know, after 50 and some years, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck (and all that)...


"Healthcare for America Now", a 'grassroots pro-healthcare' organization organizes rallies, so it relies mostly on small donations from 'regualar people', no? No.


This article keeps saying 'grassroots':

Healthcare For America Now (HCAN) says: "If insurance companies win, you lose"

Juxtapose with this:
"Fact Check: Insurance Companies Support Obama"

This from FOXNews (oh, the irony-- why didn't ABCCBSNBCCNNPBSNPRMSNBC cover this?):
"Strange Bedfellows? Industry Groups Join In Effort to Push Health Care Reform"

I see hypocrasy(sp?) everywhere here. Liberals/Left/Dem, whatever, always cry about corporate money, special interest groups, lobbyists, etc, yet rely HEAVILY on them as much (equally) as Republicans (of which I am not one regardless of the assumptions by some).

Low hanging fruit for sure, and hell, it only took 5 minutes including writing this post. You're not likely to see Moyers, Schaffer, Schorr, (insert long-term establishment journalist here) take this on because it directly flies in the face for what they claim to stand for or against. They love their big government so much that they're willing to look the other way.

In closing:

Moyers on today's Dems (They're spineless):

[i] Moyers, whose comments focused on the recent health care debate, said that â??too many Democrats have had their spines surgically removed.â??

â?¦â??The problem is the Democratic Party,â?? said Moyers. â??This is a party that has told its progressives â?? who are the most outspoken champions of health care reform â?? to sit down and shut up. Thatâ??s what Rahm Emanuel, in effect, the chief of staff of the White House, told progressives when they stood up as a unit in Congress and said, no public insurance option, no health care reforms.â??

Moyers said that, over the years, the Democratic Party â??has become like the Republican party â?? deeply influenced by corporate money.â??

â??I think Rahm Emanuel, who is a clever politician, understands that the money for Obamaâ??s reelection would come primarily from the health industry, the drug industry and Wall Street, and so he is a corporate Democrat who is destined, determined that there would be something in this legislation â?? if we get it â?? that will turn off those powerful interests.â??[/i]

LOL. Today's Dems are not Progressive enough for Bill Moyers. Certainly he knew that at election time, if ever at all. Where were the big investigative pieces?