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Tea Party Bus Gets Egged


Since no audio or video proof of the use of the N word has surfaced, I offer you this. Pause it at 2:12 and take a look at your egg thrower.


The guy who is sitting in for Hannity, who's name escapes me at the moment, had Andrew Breitbart on who was there with a very compelling report on this and who was behind it. I didn't have the computer set to capture it, but I will have it from the replay tomorrow.


I think he said it was a former staffer for Hillary Clinton.


Yeah, I think it's highly unlikely a Tea Partier used the N-word.

I can't wait for these guys to get elected. I honestly hope they sweep the board in November.


As promised. The Breitbart interview with Rich Lowry. I'm sure the RPM types will write it off somehow, but here it is.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is Breitbart's first hand account of the topic of this thread.


Unlike you and those you blindly follow, I provided some kind of proof. Until you do that, you can kick rocks about that.


Oh, c'mon. Little Mr McCarter knows what's so. He doesn't have to have been there or have any evidence: why, he's a college student and his daddy says he's such a bright boy. And he's rising so fast in the Young Communist League: why, last week they let him lick and seal the dues envelopes.

Face it, you're just jealous of his mighty brain.


funny , Could that be cut and paste ?


is it just me or does the guy behind the egg-thrower look just like pittbulll???



I'm jealous of that groovy photo featuring the resplendent personage of that purdy boy Karl Marx he has as his avatar.


I can not tell a lie