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Tdawg, meltdown questions

Ok, 2 weeks on the Tdwag 2.0 and meltdown training I have a few questions.

first, the melt down workout is sick. I am getting just as much of a cardio workout as I am muscular. Is that the intention, or will it get easier. By my 4th cycle I can barely make it to the squat rack!! All normal?

Regarding the tdwag diet. After 2 weeks Ive dropped 10lbs! I know I know water wait to large degree. My question is I can never approach my reccomended calorie intake. at 1.5 per bodyl lb. I should be well over 3000. Even at my target weight of 200 I should be higher then I am. My protein should be around 330, carbs at 100 on training days. and cal at 3375. My actual #'s look more like cal=1700, carb=100, prt=230, fat=30. Im using surge 1x day, and grow 2x. Not even close on cal. but carbs are right on and prt is low. Any suggestions how to bump up cal? or should I since my goal is fat loss right now? Also are my fats around 30 ok?

Is atkins wraps ok from subway, looks like I could fit them in as a meal on training days?

thanks in advance.

I would definitely suggest increasing your fat intake, as 30g is kinda low. When I was using T-Dawg, I hovered around 70g per day. (lean body mass * .5). I was taking a TBSP of fish oil with two meals each day. That gave me 135 calories and 15g of quality fats per TBSP, without having to worry about carbs or protein. Also, add a TBSP of olive oil to a meal for similar increases.

What’s a day in the life of your stomach look like?

The easiest way to get protein up is with a shake like Grow. Add a tablespoon of flax seed oil and you will see quite a bump in calories.

Don’t worry too much about the calories too much but 1700 is a little low… shoot for 2000 per day.

Definitely increase the fat. What most people don’t seem to understand is that fat plays many roles other than simply giving you calories. With a fat intake that low, hormone levels will plummet, your metebolism will take a dive for the worse, and the mirror will start looking shitty. HAHA

If Tampa Terry jumps in here, you’re gonna learn a lot about fat. In case she dosn’t, I’ll give you a few quick pointers:

  1. Increase it to whatever the Tdawg diet entails.

  2. From what I’ve read, most experts agree the ratio between polys/monos/saturates should be around 1:2:1, respectively.

  3. If you’re going to cook with fat, i.e. frying, etc., use monos or saturates, like olive oil or butter.

  4. Avoid TFA’s like the plague. In case you don’t know, that means anything that says ‘partially saturated.’

As I impied with the TT reference, there are others on here that know a lot more than myself about fat, but this should be good to get you going.

Yeah, increase the protein too,

I don’t see your stats in your original post.

Terry should jump in on this one.