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tdawg diet

Hey… Just a quick question. I did the tdawg diet for a few weeks a few months ago , saw good fat loss and muscle gain using the meltdown training for the first 2 weeks and then things started to stagnate.

The thing is I didn’t take an off day, I went at it for basically 3-4 weeks before I even took one day, and even then I was scared to eat much and probably didn’t eat enough anyway.

So considering that it didn’t work for an extended period of time probably because I a: didn’t decrease the diet accordingly with the weight loss and b: didn’t take an off day. This time I want to do it right, what is the optimum number of days to stay on before having an off day to mix things up? I’m also keen to know what other people thing about pre/post carbs but 40g isn’t enough to get you through meltdown training, it basically just makes you sick.

Perhaps it just appears that you arent losing weight anymore. Dont confuse the initial water loss that happens on ~keto diets as fat loss.

Assuming you’ve made that distinction, here is 1 of many options you might consider to solve your problem:

Diet and Steroid Guru, Dan Duchaine, once recommended that refeeding should begin once RMR dropped 1 degree. It should last as long as is required to return to its original level.[Obviously to establish the original level you have to measure your RMR before you begin your diet.]